To sign up for Square Cash, visit When you send $50, you will receive $10 from Square Cash. I do not, and will not acquire Venmo as it is a subsidy of Paypal, and I am not in approval of Paypal as a company.

.TEL Addresses

Phone resources are services, and resources associated with the primary telephone number or the primary cellular device. This .TEL domain was acquired due to changes in TelNIC, and the desire to have a completely supported solution to allow people to reach me. The Primary Contact directory site is intended to allow all means of contacts, and not just associated with my telephone.

IM Services

All IM services here are respective with my phone. If I don’t know you, I will not answer voice calls. In addition, I may deny voice calls through these IM services if I am not in a Wifi Network. Please keep this in consideration when attempting to make a voice communication with me.

Social Networks

I will not befriend or follow someone on a social network unless I know them personally. I am also likely to purge people that do not contact me regularly from my friends. If you will be offended by such, it will be best to not reach out to me.

Telephone Numbers

Unknown and non-grouped contacts will only ring the phone from 9AM – 5PM (US-EST). Anonymous Callers will go straight to voicemail. The iNUM phone number is to make it easier for international callers to call while possibly avoiding international charges. Check with your telephone provider regarding +883 telephone numbers. You may also choose to use a SIP provider such as Callcentric ( ).

Web Addresses

All web addresses noted under this section are property of Frank S. Pilone. Any links provided in these content sites may provide minimal financial compensation on my behalf. You may inquire regarding compensation by writing to This is an auto-response address, and will not be answered directly.

Payment Resource Options

Where possible, the same email address is used. The goal is to allow someone to give money without having to provide cash. I personally prefer to hold less cash, and since I use Internet Banking, depositing cash is not an option. By using Peer 2 Peer payment systems such as those on this page, money is sent to the service, then transferred to my primary bank account.