Dear Google about Google Voice

Dear Google
re: Complete F**k up with Google Voice

I have been a loyal user of Google Voice back when it was Grand Central. And ever since you offered the app on my first smart phone (Blackberry 8320), I have been using the Google Voice App. Now of course, I am an Android user, and my primary phone is a Nexus 5. So, when you decided to merge Google Voice into Hangouts, I was reluctantly pleased. It would seem as if that reluctance was warranted.

Let’s get this straight. If there is a cellular connection on my phone, I still need Google Voice app to show my Google Voice number. If I move my SMS and hopefully MMS messages to Hangouts, I can’t send SMS messages from the PC without having to have the Hangouts Extension installed on my PC which of course means my PC rings when a call comes in (as if my phone isn’t good enough). Now, to be able to make a call within Hangouts, you need the Hangouts Dialer. So Google, why do you wish to do more work than need be. Here is why I am saying that.

For one, legacy devices that don’t get reliable updates, they can keep the Google Voice app. The update to Hangouts to support using Google Voice is also a good thing. However, rather than creating a special Hangouts Dialer to make calls, this should have just been a part of the Hangouts Update. As for Google Voice support, you could have updated the phone dialer to integrate the calling capabilities of Google Voice into the dialer. Just as someone selects the voice mail provider, they could have also selected the phone number to display. Calls could have carried over Wifi when such is available, and use the cellular when not on a reliable Wifi network. Also, additional programming could have been installed to allow the best service to ring through. Therefore if I have a contact (or group) with both Google Chat, and my phone – then Google dialer will allow one to ring through making life a bit easier for your users.

But because you choose to do things the hard way, I have to have Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, and Google Voice when I should I have to have is Hangouts. Please Google, quit Effing up Google Voice. I understand it is your unwanted step-child, and find don’t expand it beyond the US. I think most outside the US gave up on hopes with Google Voice, and you done nothing but empty promises, lets consider the fact the service is still very valuable to those who use it. It is time that you should accept the unwanted step child into the family, and at least let have some standards rather than being an outcast. Almost all of your services are baked into the Android OS with the exception of Google Voice. Just integrate the call features into the dialer that is on every phone. Integrate the SMS/MMS into Hangouts, and allow those using Hangouts to make calls with VOIP. If they have a Google Account with Voice, then they can display their Google Voice Number. You don’t need three apps to integrate a half ass job into one simple service.

Just something to think about Google. Try to treat Google Voice a little Better.

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