June 7

Today was a bit of a normal day. I had to make a phone call. In addition, my brother called me and asked me to send an email for him. I went to the post office which required I done another errand. After which, I taken care of a couple of bills.

I think the medicine I am currently taking is getting to me. I been feeling a bit ill, and I doubt it’s from anything else. It’s as if I was taking it for the first time which is not the case since I been on this for years now. Thankfully I see my doctor later this month.

My PC also went through an update, and caused problems. This forced me to go through the system restore process, and reset it to a previous point. Needless to say, this is not good on my behalf. However, as always – it is something that must be dealt with.

Also, this morning, a person I normally don’t hear from started a chat with me on Skype, and mentioned a couple of things. When I said something that didn’t fit perfectly with her plan I suppose – she decided to go. In other words, this conversation from what is supposed to be from a friend last about 5 minutes.

As for plans for tomorrow, there is not much planned. I would probably stay home for the most part. Otherwise – no other plans. I do want to get some work on my site done, but considering I have feel like crap some of the times, it is a hit or miss on whether I would do such.

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