June 2016

A bit of things happened this month. I have a couch sitting in the middle of my center room as I can’t get the help to move it out right now. I seen my anesthesiologist in which they replaced my NSAID that wasn’t doing much with another NSAID, and a muscle relaxant. I also am now being prescribed a new Anti-Anxiety medicine which will likely take a month for it to work.

I went to the food bank in the third Wednesday which is the only day they distribute. I got a good quantity of meat which is a good thing. Along with what I bought with food stamps, should hopefully support me through until my food stamps for July comes through. Continue reading June 2016

May 2016

This month has been much like most months. Got a new couch, but the old couch still remains in my center room. Malak is doing well, and sometimes better than I am. My niece had a birthday, and from my knowledge – enjoyed it. Keeping HBO Now which is my only premium entertainment, and had to buy speakers and a backpack. The speakers was because my PC speakers are failure, and the backpack because the old one failed.

Nothing special planned for June. Will like to try to get to a cheaper grocery store this coming month. Will be doing much of the same thing. Currently working on South Stations for my ACTA Proposal if anyone is interested. Otherwise – all is quiet.

Reduce My Transportation Problem

I have a crazy idea. And when I say crazy, I mean that it could never happen (due to a few issues), but will make sense if it could happen. Those that know me knows that I carry a philosophy that this world is so screwed up, that if something makes sense, it will never happen. So what is this crazy idea? Well, I have to deal with public transportation, and my home bus (the bus(es) to serve the neighborhood I live in) only runs hourly. This has caused a number of problems. For example, a day before today (2016-05-27), I had a doctor’s appointment. This appointment was at 10AM, but I got to the doctor’s office at 9:10AM because if I caught a later bus, I would have been late. And me being 30 minutes or more early for appointments is a regular occurrence because the only home bus runs hourly. In addition, I have a dog, and no driver’s license because of medical issues. I will like to be able to get my dog to places other than just the neighborhood I live in, and this is not possible (currently) with public transportation. One major instance will be a veterinarian checkup that should happen every year. To walk Malak there will be a 90 minute walk, and due to the time of the year that it is possible for me to take him means very hot concrete.

So what will my solution be? Well, it will be nearly $2,000, but this will be a bike with all of the items I will need and the components that will make such an idea feasible. I never ridden a bike before, and while that is usually a childhood staple, a normal childhood is something I never had. This will obviously mean I will have to learn to ride a bike, and then there are the ankles which I have almost no mobility which I am sure will have some balance issues. So, this will raise some issues, and cause for some adjustments. In addition, this will also need to be a solution to allow me to take my dog if he needs to go somewhere, and address issues like groceries, and possible doctor appointments. Continue reading Reduce My Transportation Problem

April 2016

This month could have been better, but as usual, I make due with or without. Replaced my previous notebook which now functions as a desktop PC with a smaller convertible notebook. I will have to make payments on it which is pretty much my entire life. However, the convertible notebook has proven of value – if it is a bit on the low end.

This month was the first month in more than a couple of decades that I went to a food bank. It is not a matter of pride, but always felt as if there were others that will need it more such as children, or elderly. Even with a food bank, I have to take a bus. It will be on the third Wednesday of the month. I will walk down, and take a bus back. This will be the most efficient means. Continue reading April 2016

No Pet Healthcare – Shame on the US

Recently (in the life of the United States), this industrialized world power we call the United States of America has recently imposed a national health care system, and it is far from perfect. However, it is a step in the right direction. However, one thing that is lacing, and I hope history judges us badly for this, and that is this national healthcare never included petcare.

Now, I am not one of those radical PETA extremists that feels that animals are four legged people, because that will be delusional. However, I feel that even on a economical standpoint, there should be a national pet health care system. This could actually make a bigger financial savings than the cost of implementing the system. Here is why.
Continue reading No Pet Healthcare – Shame on the US

March 2016

This month has been a bit hard and hectic. Having intensive therapy has taken a toll on me, but this month, I seen the end of it. I would like to say it has helped me, but hadn’t notice anything really different. Although, no one can say I didn’t try. This month has also seen the addition of two people with Facebook. One will be one of my sisters, and the other will be someone I knew from when I was an early adult. Both are married and doing well for themselves, so that is good.

I am finding it hard to keep ends met. No inflation my f****n a**! Nonetheless, I am pushing to make due. To help reduce my financial impact, I applied with my bank that I have been with for several years for a debt consolidation loan. Since I am seeking to take a loan to eliminate debt, and reduce my monthly payments, I will assume I will have a better chance. On a brighter note (with a double-edged sword), my student loan has been forgiven. Continue reading March 2016

February 2016

February could have been a better month. While more people made a bigger deal about my birthday than I did, the month was very little to celebrate about. The anxiety and other issues that has been more commonplace has yet to really subside to any measurable degree. This has reduced the quality of life to say. I have been able to get some content for the ACTA site up, but will likely drop rideacta.com, or the very least redirect it to the current site I have been building on. This is due to financial reasons.

Been pushing to try to make $100 which is what I get in food assistance benefits last 1 month. If this sounds hard, it’s because it is. A double edge sword with regards to my life is that I have been approved for student loan forgiveness. This will mean that within a month, my student loan of $32,000 will be forgiven, and therefore pull me a significant way out of debt. The bad news is that $32,000 will be considered as income for the purpose of state/federal taxes. Assuming for 20% on both taxes, that will be $6,400 in taxes – however my income is around $9,000 per month. This will mean I won’t need tax help, but now need to somehow exempt my loan income from my responsibility for taxes as the taxes will be about 70% of my total income. Will likely contact the PA Attorney Bar to see if there will be anyone that can offer free advise in matters such as this. Continue reading February 2016

January 2016

This month has been a challenging month. Due to some issues, I have been going to an Intensive Outpatient Therapy 3 times a week for 3 hours a day. It takes about 90 minutes to get there, and another 90 minutes to get back home by bus. This has caused a bit of strain on me, which I am hoping it will eventually make things better.

Also, due to finances and compatibility, I had cancelled Project Fi. For a person that made full use of Google Voice and its features, Project Fi wasn’t supporting my needs. In addition, my bill would have been about $30/month which would have meant more work to compensate. In turn, I had chosen to acquire a dual SIM phone with my Life Line SIM in one slot, and Ting for data in the other. I would have wanted to keep with T-Mobile’s 200MB plan, but they have been causing more problems than it is worth, and the cheapest data only plan would have been $30/month which is still not affordable. Continue reading January 2016

Back to Google Voice

A few months ago, I ported my phone number from Google Voice to Project Fi. There were a number of reasons why I left Project Fi, and now selling my Nexus 6, but I will go into details of the various consequences that one on a very tight budget will face.

First, Project Fi was one of the cheapest providers. They were $30 + tax – discounts. This included unlimited voice, SMS, and 1GB of data. However, the fact that most of what I relied on Google Voice for was absent in Project Fi was just a catalyst.
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December 2015

Malak has been doing better, and been dedicating time to him. Will not be getting a COL increase for next year, so I will be relying on the same amount of income with everything else going up. Still miss Talisa, but I take some solace (for what’s it’s worth) that she is getting the care she needs, and she’s happy and healthy.

Been given a new medicine which is supposed to take effect this month, but I don’t feel much in any real positive effects. Will give it some time, and let the doctor know when I see him. Also found out will have to have another ear surgery in a few months. They want to make sure the cyst has been completely removed, and that it isn’t growing back.

Christmas was much like any other day (with no buses). On another note, entering an Intensive Outpatient Program to hopefully help address my discomfort with crowds. The pain had good days, bad days, and very bad days. Will of course post information about any progress in January’s post.