Review: OnePlus 6

I use the headphone jack on a daily basis, and the jack on my former phone stopped working. I am not likely to buy from that company again. It however does not change the fact that I needed to get a new phone. While I could have used bluetooth headphones, this is not a good solution in rain, and there is a need for battery power. This means that the headphones have to be charged. And while I do use Bluetooth headphones, there are disadvantages to them.

I opted for the One Plus 6. The phone has a SnapDragon 845 CPU with Adreno 630. There is 8GB of memory, and a 256GB Storage. There is no expandable storage, and the phone has a notch. The screen is a 1080p AMOLED panel which allows for black to just be off for pixel lighting. There is 401ppi. The phone is also a dual SIM phone with support for GSM 2G/3G, and LTE. There is no CDMA support. The phone has a 16MP camera with a secondary 20MP camera. The front side camera is a 16MP. There is all of the sensors expected, and the phone has a fingerprint reader and NFC. The model of my phone is $630 which came out of my Savings, and therefore – the savings will have to be refunded.

The Good

The phone simply put – works. The Oxygen Layer over Android 8 is light, and tries to put features that would be good. I would have preferred a completely stock version of the OS, but take what you can get. The phone has specs competing with flagships at a few hundred dollars less. I also like the slider on the side which turns the phone into silent, vibrate or normal ring mode.

The phone is dual SIM which allows me to have two carriers in the phone. Carrier 1 is a company offering unlimited voice, and some data while Carrier 2 is my lifeline provider. Outgoing calls uses Carrier 1, and I will just have to make sure my Lifeline provider gets a couple of calls per month.

In addition, there is a headphone jack. While many manufacturers are trying to avoid having a headphone jack, some people will simply want to use wired headphones, and if they were to force USB-C for audio, then they should provide good quality headphones.

I also like the alert slider which has been used for a doctor’s appointment, and a couple of other times I were not available. I like the ability to just use a switch to silence the ringer. My only gripe is that I wished it had more control on calls. For example, at switch 2, it could silence the SIM 2 phone line. Just a thought

The Bad

The mono speaker is a major issue for those that likes to use their phone in speaker mode (calls or entertainment). The speaker is duable, but not good. I am also not a fan of lacking a Micro-SD card slot when they could have done so very easily. This is the reason I purchased the higher capacity model.

The Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is not as featured as it was with stock Android which was on my old Moto Z Play1. In example, I set a condition of when my calendar had an Appointment, the phone will go into DND automatically. If this feature is in the One Plus 6, I couldn’t find it.

The Ugly

I am not a fan of the notch. Thankfully, OnePlus offers a means of hiding the notch, by making the status line black. The space around the notch is being used – but one doesn’t see the notch unless they look really close. I also would have liked a higher ppi but 401ppi is sufficient for most tasks at hand.

The glass back is pointless. Yes, I know that it is the hip thing of 2018, but with a glass back, means a more fragile phone. Most phones with glass backs also supports Qi Wireless Charging which One Plus 6 does not have. I would have been happier with a metal back, and something with a good grip. For now, I am using the included case that came with the phone.


The phone is worth the price. On top of that, I am using the dual-SIM feature of the phone which is something I couldn’t do with my previous 3 phones. The phone is pricey, and can be daunting to get, but if one could afford it, the minimum price is $530 which is the 64GB model.

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