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Not much happened today. I tried to set up a dialing rule for the ObiHai ATA, but it does not seem to keep after I reboot the system. It would seem as if the technical support has been poor at best, and if I don’t get the problem resolved, I will likely have to consider returning it.

It was raining a portion of today. This means the dogs couldn’t play in the backyard. I did get them out for a walk, but it was later than normal. Not much else happened today, especially being a Sunday.

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First Impressions: ObiHai 100

I received the ObiHai 100 earlier today, and after dusting off my Gigaset A510, I have a home phone. The reason for this is I wanted a phone that would remain home without costing a lot of money. Even with T-Mobile’s plans with a third line costing $10, it will still be a significant additional cost, and using a phone that has been less reliable as the days rolled on.

So, why did I want this device. It is one of the few devices that has direct support with Google Voice. This will mean that I will be able to make calls using GTalk, and likewise – receive calls. This (as of 2013) will be treated as free if I am calling US, or Canada as well as +883. This allows a phone to remain home, and allows a single phone number to display when making calls.

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Not much happened today. I wanted to take the two for a long walk, but that wasn’t able to happen. It was very windy on the first attempt, and started raining on the second attempt. Instead, they had two conventional walks.

Not much else happened today. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and signed up the trial with Amazon Prime. I have up to 30 days to decide on whether to keep it. I might just likely keep it as it offers more than just shipping. I will have to make a decision on that towards the end. As for shipping, I got a significant discount on next day delivery on an ObiHai ATA which will be phasing out the wifi phone. It is a shame that I still can not find an Android Home Phone.

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Why I’m Getting an ObiHai?

ObiHai is a device manufacturer that has three ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters), and a softphone that supports Android and iOS. The devices supports GTalk, and/or SIP accounts. The 100, and 101 supports 2 accounts, but the 101 allows for PSTN switching which is good if you have the old fashion phone system as well. The 202 supports 4 SIP accounts, and while I would have wanted the 202, this was not really in my budget which I would have had to pay an extra $30.

I bought the ObiHai 100 from Amazon and signed up with the 30 day trial with Amazon Prime. Since I don’t usually have a lot of money, I don’t see me going on shopping sprees. However, I will have to look at the other benefits of Amazon Prime to see if it will be worth the $80 per year. Now, I am on the new plan with T-Mobile which offers unlimited calling, so one might ask – why would I want a house phone? There are a few reasons for this.

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Near Perfect Phone System

In today’s world – many people have more than one telephone number. There’s home, cell, work, and maybe even a work cell. And if someone travels, there’s even more numbers if they go to other countries. Let’s face it, International roaming is terrible no matter the carrier.

Top off the fact that while cell phones themselves are advanced, the service options they are attached too usually is not. I know one problem I used to have was anonymous calls, and still would have otherwise got them. However, on a cell phone – there is no ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection). This isn’t a problem with the phone, but the carrier. And of course, there is the problem of multiple phone numbers and in some cases, multiple countries. How do people ever reach someone now becomes a game of telephone tag. I think I may have the near perfect solution.

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Is the Landline Dying?

I came across an article by someone that seemed to be so ridiculous that I nearly laughed. He said that the landline is dead, and the only phones that would be in the near future are cell phones, and people talking from the computer. And “analysts” get paid for saying this “crap”?

But Frank, you are thinking backwards. The landline phone is dead. Everyone is moving to cells and VOIP. Exactly, however the conventional phone as we know where there is a cable that runs from your home to the phone’s Central Office (aka: POTS) is dying. I made mention of that a few times in my previous posts. However, the basic idea of the home or business phone is not dead, and still kicking well.

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Calls with the US for Free

There are many times when people come to the US to work, or live, but have families in other parts of the world. The US is notorious for high international rates. I remember calling Canada by accident (since US shares numbers with Canada and a few other countries), and it cost me 25¢ per minute. And I am sure that real communications between people is paying such high rates are intolerable for most.

This tip would help people to make communications easier and more tolerable. Now keep in mind, that even though the calls are most likely free – this does not make the service itself free. It would mean that such calls are not going to cost an arm and a leg. I would provide a number of options, and from there – most people would be able to make an informed decision.

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