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Not much happened today. I received my tablet which I expected better. I also received my gloves, and stylus. The gloves, and stylus will stay together as they will be used when it is too cold. I also gave the dogs a couple of walks, and fed them each a part of sweet potato while I ate turkey and mashed potatoes. Otherwise, not much happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect Chris to show up to provide a portion of his phone bill. Otherwise, not much is planned for tomorrow. Likewise, much of next week will be rather quiet, especially since almost all of my money for December went to bills.

2013-11-28 (Thanksgiving)

Today was like much most holidays. No bus service, and nothing special. One nice thing was that my landlord did bring over a dinner. I obviously took it, and shared the ham with the dogs. I however took the turkey and stuffing.

On another note, I received my SSI benefits early, but it didn’t matter much since no transaction will take place until tomorrow. However, nonetheless, I still sent the electronic orders to pay my bills. My bank account started with $4.10 – then went to $714.86, and tomorrow, it will be down to $12.78.

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Not much happened today. I gave the dogs a brushing, and let them play outside for a while. I also took them for a walk. For dinner, they had chicken broth with a hot dog, and an egg mixed with their dog food, so I am sure they enjoyed it. I got the bus tickets I ordered a few days ago, so that is of help.

Last, I wrote a few emails, wrote a blog post, and watched a couple of shows on Hulu. I did fall asleep, so I guess I needed the nap. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a phone call in the morning. However, nothing else planned especially being a Sunday. I do have to go to the grocery store on Monday, but that is obviously for another day.


A bit happened today. I allowed the dogs to play in the back yard a couple of times today. I however had an appointment in the late afternoon which meant I couldn’t really give them a good walk. They also had a late dinner. As for my appointment, it was a dental appointment which they repaired 2 more teeth. I in turn have 7 more repairs to go through which will involve three more visits. After that will be extractions of teeth too bad for repairs.

I also had the bad news of Google killing their reader service which meant I went on the hunt for an effective RSS reader. I tried Mozilla Thunderbird which proved useless. I am now trying Feedly which I am not fond of the layout. Last, I made a deposit of money which most of it went to my credit card to attack the balance owed on it. I however still have about $100 in bills to pay off this month which is charged to the credit card. However, every little step counts.

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Not much happened today. I received a Netflix disc which will be returned tomorrow. However, things have been relatively quiet. I also took the dogs for a walk, and my dinner was very simple considering that it is close to the end of the food month.

I was hoping for the dental office to return my call in hopes to adjust the time. This hasn’t happened though. Otherwise, not much else went on. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely stay home, and will walk the dogs in the afternoon.


Not much happened today. I let the dogs have free roam while I did laundry, and they misbehaved. Needless to say, I can’t trust them to have free roam just yet. In the evening the person that had the PC problems a week ago asked me to come to install a replacement router. In turn, he bought dinner, and paid for the hour of work I did. My only gripe was it was late in the evening. I however was also able to get dog food which I would have needed to do anyhow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I have a dental appointment. It is at 1PM, but I will have to leave at noon, and it will only take five minutes by bus. I will take my notebook to have something to do while I am waiting. I will also see if the local stores has any shopping carts as it will be in my interest to get one. Hopefully, the dental appointment won’t take too long.


It is the halfway point of the month, and not much is going on. I took the dogs for a walk twice today, and Chris stopped over for a couple of hours in the evening. I also did a little bit of work on Second Life including rezzing another skybox. I only paid for one though since it is copy allowed.

My dinner was basic and simple. I had a couple of Hot Pockets which I wanted to keep things simple. I also done some preparations of a newsletter which is on the behalf of someone else. The letters will be dropped off most likely during the next walk.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, which I seen Nicole (the one that gave Malak) which she was happy to see him. She was in the car, so it was only for a few seconds.

Much of my time was home though. I tried to move some domains from an old domain name to a new one, but that didn’t work out so well. I also had some problems with PBXes.org (go figure), and I am sure that I will have less problems if I pay a monthly fee, but instead will be giving another company $5 per month.

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Today was a bit of a busy day. After I tended to my dogs, I had to take a bus at noon to do a few things in the Northside. While I was exercising my dogs, I had decided to set up with a private telephone number which I will get into why soon. I finished the day with dinner, and eventually bed.

As for the errands, I first had to go to the grocery store. Yes, I know, I was there a couple of days ago, however – there were a few things I could not get (not enough shopping cart room). Because of this, I went back to pick up the few things to make get everything that is needed. After the grocery store, I went to the bank to make a small deposit. On my way to the Rite-Aid, I found a $5 bill which will be of help for me. I then went to the Rite-Aid to pick up iced tea, and waited for the bus to go home.

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