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Replace your cellular carrier’s Voice Mail

If you use Google Voice, you know that it is nice that you can get your voice mail on Google Voice, and despite the fiasco of Google Voice displaying public voice mail on the web, the service is still good nonetheless.

Now, depending on your US carrier, you can set Google Voice to handle your voice mail rather than your carrier. What would happen is if you don’t answer your cell phone for what ever the reason, the caller would be redirected to your Google Voice service  with the command to set the announcement therefore preventing any loops.

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FCC Defends Google Voice

Original Article: ( http://fsp.tw/82 )

As we may know, and those that read my blog would also know that Google Voice app was rejected from the Apple Store. I at first blamed AT&T for this, but it may seem that Apple is more at fault. Now, with every one ranting over the rejection and removal of any Google Voice related applications – it now seems as if the United States FCC (http://fsp.tw/83 ) for this action. Letters have been sent to Apple, AT&T, and Google to hear each side. In addition, it would seem as if Apple’s God Complex has gotten Apple in trouble as they are now being required about the acceptance and rejection process of the app store.

What may this mean for you? If you have an iPhone, and Google Voice, you might be able to finally use your GV number from your phone. It would also mean that there might be applications that can mimic “iPhones” function ability, so there could be other browsers, or email clients on the iPhone. This of course, would mean to the companies that offer Jail Breaking your iPhone may find less of a reason to do so if their app could included.

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Google Voice – Coming to a Phone Near You

Google Voice in the case you may not know is a smart forwarding system. It would allow you to give one phone number and based on the calling rules – it would ring a particular phone number. I have been using this system for about 8 – 9 months when Grand Central was moved to Google Voice.

The good thing about Google Voice is that you can have multiple phones such as a home phone, work phone, home cell, and work cell and only need to deal with giving out one number. This truly brings a more unified number, and since you only have to give out one number, it is easier to remember which number to give to who because everyone is given the same number. You simply set up calling rules based on the phone (such as work never ringing after 5PM, or before 8AM), or the home phone never ringing between 8A and 6PM. You then assign groups to the phone numbers. If a person in a group calls and the assigned phones should not ring, the person goes to voicemail on Google’s Voice.

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Smart Phone System

A problem I am sure everyone has, and that would be receiving calls when they don’t want to, and from people they don’t want too. Also, having calls at times that are inappropriate. I actually had people calling for Jerome at 2:30 AM, and when I mentioned that there was no Jerome, the person wanted to carry on a conversation with me. Keep in mind – this was at 2:30 in the morning. Other things would include business or professional related calls in the evenings. There is a relatively economical way of providing a means in which everyone can reach you, but on your terms.

Throughout this blog posting, I would be noting things that may not always apply to you. This would be dependant on your exact needs, but I would address this in a way where most people would be able to relate. This would include a “Work”, “Home”, and “Mobile” number. I would also assume that you would want Family, and Very Important People to reach you no matter where. I would also assume that you don’t have nor want a POTS phone. If you have children, you should have one, or at least a landline based one. I would also assume you live in the US. Sorry majority of the world, this tip doesn’t help much for you.

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Google Voice Conquers Grand Central – Finally

I have been a Grand Central user for more than a year. However, with the flaws such as the system announcing your calls have been a means in which it turned me off from using the service. I loved every other feature about it, especially the Smart Forwarding feature which would forward a call to a collection of numbers based on the number calling.

Now that Google Voice integrated the service in its portfolio, and allows users to turn off this annoyance, it now makes life much more pleasant. So, now I see myself as using this as the primary service, although not the primary number. There are reasons for this.

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