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Not much happened today. I didn’t sleep well at all last night which meant I was rather drowsy throughout the day. I did walk the dogs a couple of times, but otherwise – this has been a relatively quiet day.

I also set the order to cancel Hulu Plus. They have become not worth the $8 per month. I get the same amount of commercials I would have as a regular user, and that is when something comes in my queue. Simply put, Hulu has been a disappointment, and I could spend my $8 on something else.

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Today could have been a better day. I didn’t sleep well the previous night. I started to feel the effects in the evening. I did walk the dogs then made a phone call. Andrea also paid the phone bill which was good as this provided funds that was needed. I also spent a few moments paying my bills. While all of my bills are paid, it does have a serious impact on my bank account.

I chatted with a few people, although a couple of them didn’t seem that interested in chatted even though they didn’t seem that interested. The evening was coming to a close while dozing offer just before I take the dogs out for the last time before bed.

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Not much happened today. I didn’t sleep well last night, and been a bit tired. I walked the dogs in the mid afternoon, but otherwise, nothing happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I won’t be doing anything, especially since it is a Sunday. I will have a doctor’s appointment on Monday


Today was definitely a dull day. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I woke up late, and was still a bit a bit tired. In addition, I was expecting the one landlord to call to get everything together – however he didn’t (what a surprise). So, in the meantime, I will start looking again on Monday. I also watched a show or two on Hulu, and a couple of things from Netflix. I reduced my plan to no DVDs until I get a permanent place to live (and therefore a place to send DVDs).

I also came across some news I was disappointed, but expected. It is the compatible thickness for the hard drive on my notebook. It will accept the standard 9.5mm thickness, but not the 12.5mm thickness which would have allowed me to pursue a 1TB hard drive. The best I can support is a 750GB. Considering I am almost half way filled, I would have to consider a bigger hard drive. I will want to do some upgrades on my PC to meet more of my needs including a larger hard drive, more memory, and bluetooth. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will still plan on staying home, although may have to go to the main street to get a couple of things. I have until the 9th before I can do real grocery shopping.