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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, chatted with someone on Skype, and did some work on one of my web sites. I also wrote some emails, and watched a couple of shows on Hulu.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to do not much tomorrow beyond the normal. It would be a couple of days before I will get the money I expect from my brother’s girlfriend for her phone. I will likely use that to address a portion of my credit card.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and chatted with someone on Skype. I also watched a couple of videos, and rested with the flu that I have been fighting for it. Otherwise, things have been relatively quiet. I also chatted with people on BBM, and WhatsApp.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to make a phone call, and send a reminder SMS. Otherwise, things will be relatively quiet for my plans.


Not much happened today. I chatted with a friend for a little while, and wrote an email. I also got an email, which I replied with a rather long one. I also provided some advise for a friend whom is looking into an Android phone. In addition, I watched a few shows on Hulu, and took care of a couple of things. I also am planning on changing my Skype ID to something easier to deal with. I already made those changes on my .TEL site, and Facebook.

As for plans for tomorrow, it would be a busy day. I will have to go to the post office, and hopefully would get the electric bill. I will also have to go and pay my phone bill, and get groceries as well as hygiene supplies. I would also expect to see Chris who would need to give something. While this may not sound as busy, keep in mind much of the effort will by using the bus. So, now time to get ready and prepare for this day which will start about 8AM.

August 24

Today was mostly staying home, and been catching a cold, so I hadn’t been feeling well. I was online, and chat with someone on Skype, but it was only a few moments. I also had some documents that I had to prepare. Most of the remainder of the day was just fighting the cold. This of course meant that I went to bed a bit early.

I also came across the fact that I had much more music than iTunes will recognize. This is actually pissing me off. So, I am stuck going to have to get a DVD Writer, and eventually a lot of CDRs.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along – VOIP?

It is 2010, and there are a lot of neat things when it regards to communications. And it is this that has driven prices down, or at least helped slow the up pace. However, it would seem as if there are several different proprietary competitions that claim to be better than everyone else when at best – they are as good as the standard.

For example, companies like Vonage, and Packet8 both seems to be the AOL of VOIP. They provided you with everything including incompatible hardware. Yes, the adapter works, but the adapter only works with their service. And just like AOL, they used the industry standards in technology, but kept it away from the user. Magic Jack also does this, but goes one step further, and requires your computer to be running which is if nothing else a resource waste.

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June 7

Today was a bit of a normal day. I had to make a phone call. In addition, my brother called me and asked me to send an email for him. I went to the post office which required I done another errand. After which, I taken care of a couple of bills.

I think the medicine I am currently taking is getting to me. I been feeling a bit ill, and I doubt it’s from anything else. It’s as if I was taking it for the first time which is not the case since I been on this for years now. Thankfully I see my doctor later this month. Continue reading June 7

Can I Really Count on You in an Emergency?

In the United States, the emergency response number is 911. Any where in the US, or even Canada – you can dial 911 from any phone, and help is on the way. Well, not exactly. There are many VOIP providers that don’t offer this. For example, Skype doesn’t offer this. Neither do many providers that just charge you on a per minute plan. One example is I use Local Phone to make VOIP calls (when I need too), and they are less than 1¢ a minute. However, no 911 dialing is available.

Call Centric charges me $3/month for a 911 fee, and offers it, but that would mean in an emergency, I would have to remember to do something different as calls through them are 2¢ a minute. And I am sure that some people want to make sure their VOIP provider hasn’t screwed anything up, and would want to call 911 to see if it works. However, doing so just to say hi is illegal.

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To Skype, or Not too Skype, That is the Question?

OK, the title is a little misleading while making the cheesy Shakespearian parody, but it does bring an interesting point. Is there really a place for Skype when there are well established open standards in place?

Some may say, does it matter? I would have to say yes it does. First, I am sure that Skype works well for millions of users and it is used regularly and reliably. And for that, it is fine. However, earlier this year, all of that almost came crashing down. When eBay bought Skype, they for some reason never purchased the proprietary technology that makes Skype work. There was a dispute about licensing that if it didn’t work out, Skype would literally fail to work, and all of those millions of users would be SOL. Every single piece of hardware, and Skype phone that is out there would be paperweights.

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Calls with the US for Free

There are many times when people come to the US to work, or live, but have families in other parts of the world. The US is notorious for high international rates. I remember calling Canada by accident (since US shares numbers with Canada and a few other countries), and it cost me 25¢ per minute. And I am sure that real communications between people is paying such high rates are intolerable for most.

This tip would help people to make communications easier and more tolerable. Now keep in mind, that even though the calls are most likely free – this does not make the service itself free. It would mean that such calls are not going to cost an arm and a leg. I would provide a number of options, and from there – most people would be able to make an informed decision.

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Two Weeks to Go – Maybe

For all of the Blackberry users that also use Skype – we may have two weeks to go. I heard that Skype will be available for the Blackberry phone in May. It can only be hoped for that it would be in the first week of May. I know I would be happy when it comes for a couple of reasons.

First, I love the Blackberry phone. It is a capable smart phone, and a powerful device. It does have flaws, but nothing is perfect. Why Skype wasn’t available on this phone is beyond me, and yes I know there is software like iSkoot, and I tried them – and was not satisfied. Skype is great for the Blackberry. Keep in mind that Blackberry phones are traditionally business phones, and businesses have been moving new or even converting phone systems to Skype. So, if you were a business user, and had Skype as your phone infrastructure, you either spent cellular minutes by having calls forwarded, or had to deal with two phones.

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