Why I Surrendered Talisa

For those that know me knows I had a female Blue Doberman that I had for more than 4 years. She was a very important part of my life and as cliche as this would sound, she has always been there for me. However, in September, she has broke in a serious skin problems. With that being said, and with the fact that I only get $750/month (Poverty is about $1,000/month for a single person), it was hard to get her into the vet’s office now. When she got into the vet’s office, she was prescribed steroids, and anti-biotics which if it wasn’t for the assistance of a local person who felt for the issue at hand, it would have been just as much of a challenge to get her prescriptions filled. This lasted for about a week after her last steroid, and then she started to get her skin irritation again. Considering that any channels I had to get the resources needed to get her in for testing has failed – I had two choices.

  1. Keep her, and then eventually she suffers without the care she needs
  2. Surrender her to a resource where she can get the care she needs

Keep Her

For those that would have said that I should have kept her, while I would have a couple of choice words for you, it would have been ethically wrong to do. Yes, it would have been good for Talisa, and me. And of course, less demand on the Doberman Rescue is good, but it would not be the right thing. Am I happy about this, of course not. All afternoon and evening, I have been in a reglar state of tears. For someone that has a callous outlook on life (thanks life), this is a dramatic change on me.

If I was to keep her, her problems will not go away. It will get worse. Her condition would have detoriated until it will be unbearable. And for those kinds of people, they should not be allowed to have dogs if they will do this for their own comfort. To exempt me from that same viewpoint would make me a hypocrite.

For those that still can’t see the rationale of this, simply put are living in a fantasy, and if you thinking of me as wrong allows you to sleep at night, so be it. I won’t however indulge in your fantasies.

Surrendering her

This is not a choice I wanted, nor will be something I am happy about. It hurts into the bone, and I am sure that it would have a negative impact on some emotional state or something like that. This is a fact of life with any loss. If anything is to bring me happiness, she is going to be cared for, and she is with not only one but a few other dogs in which she will be happy I am sure of. In the end, can I demand anything more?

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