Today was a very hectic day. First, I had to go to the Section-8 office. It will seem as if the landlord I was expecting to rent from didn’t do what he was supposed too, or decided to screw me over which needless to say was not a benefit to me. I went to the Section-8 office, shown the lease, and it would seem as if there was very little they could do except offer a means of getting new moving papers. The case worker from Section-8 also informed me that if the current landlord/reality company if they can send a fax so they would be able to cover the rent for their portion next month.

I also went to the post office to pick up any mail I had, went to the library to pick up a couple of things, and made a call to cancel the electricity order with Duquesne Electric. I called the manager of the current apartment, but couldn’t reach her. As I returned home, I prepared for the worst. I however hoped for the best. I managed to reach my manager about 1PM which she was more than willing to help out. She sent the fax, and sent me a copy through the maintenance person.

I eventually received a call from the landlord, however it was at 8PM and he asked if I was still interested. Keep in mind that he pretty much ignored me when I address the issues with the lease. I didn’t answer the phone, and will call him tomorrow. However, if he will act that he done nothing wrong, then there will definitely be some problems. And as for plans for tomorrow, I will be paying my bills, attempting to get a wifi adapter for Alexis, and make a few phone calls.

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