Today was a bit of a busy day. I first had to go to the post office where I picked up my mail including a couple of bills that were paid, and my electric bill. Of course, wanting to deal with that immediately, I took care of my phone bill, and then took care of the electric bill. It would seem as if I used 96kw, and had a $20 bill. In all honesty, I wished it was lower. I also received a letter from the light company because the mail goes to the post office box rather than my home address.

While I was at the T-Mobile store, I asked a question about a problem I have with my phone’s email client. It would seem as if there is a bug, and the solution is to install another email client. Hm, T-Mobile, that is not a solution to the bug. I also chatted with a couple of people and sent a message to another person. Otherwise, not much went on, especially with the great deal of pain I have. I did go to the grocery store, and got hopefully a week’s worth of groceries. I spent some time watching some shows on Hulu, but that was to catch up so to say.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be attempting to do some cleaning in my apartment, and maybe – just maybe make a small video. I will also want to try to create a blog entry other than the daily updates. In any event, I will try to make most of the day.