Today, not much happened. I took the dogs for a walk as normal, and in the evening walk, they got to see Nicole. In addition, they Joe (upstairs neighbor) purchased a 45lb of dog food for me, and told me to pay back when possible. This was nice as I would have had to get more food on the first of the month, and now the 18 gallon bin that the food sits in is full. As always, I empty the bin of the older food, put the new food in, and put the older food on top which assures the food gets used in order.

I also been working on a web site which I will disclose when I am finalized with it. As with all of my sites, it will be driven with a Word Press CMS. I also watched the Walking Dead which was the only time this weekend I had the television on. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, continue the work on the web site, and I will expect to get a movie (Hannah) which is supposed to be a good movie.