A bit has happened today. First, I had to get money orders for the rent which will end up going out tomorrow. I also paid for my PO Box for a six month period, got some groceries to hold over until I can go actual shopping, and made a couple of phone calls with only one successful. While at the grocery store, I went to buy recycle bags so I could take my recyclable trash out tomorrow morning. However, Giant eagle didn’t have any. I went to the Rite-Aid with no luck. I finally decided to go to the hardware store, and they could order a 50 count for $15. So, I will have at least 3 or 4 recycles that will have to go out when City of Pittsburgh picks up the recycles again. At least I will have enough for a while though, so that will be good.

However, when I got back home, I seen another even worse mess. The dogs tore up the curtains a little, but destroyed the curtain rods forcing me to improvise there. They also destroyed a spare set of head phones, and tore up my blanket a little. I have probably about a half of dozen holes in my blanket now. They also destroyed my micro-USB cable which is a serious issue as that is what is used to charge my phone. Luckily, Nicole (Malak’s previous owner) was able to lend me hers until I get a replacement. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will have to take care of a couple of bills, and try to reach Chris. Otherwise, not much planned for the day. I am trying to conserve funds as I need to try to catch up on my bills past due.