Today, not much happened. Chris stopped down for about an hour, then I went to his place for Gage’s birthday. In addition, I brought him some paper for him since he likes to draw. I also brought Alexis a USB thumb drive, and Andie her mouse again. I also wrote a blog posting about why I dropped Netflix.

In the afternoon, a sales representative from Comcast tried to convince me to switch to their service citing they changed drastically from when I had them about a decade ago. I informed her of my problems, and I wouldn’t be comfortable in taking Comcast, especially considering I am satisfied with Verizon when comparing.

While I was at my brothers, I received a notice that Malak was barking a great deal which meant he took the muzzle off, and forces me to have to look into other alternatives. This is becoming a strain as this barking is a disturbance with the neighbors which doesn’t make me a good neighbor. This means I will have to consider returning the muzzle, and look into anti-bark collar. There is nothing physically wrong, and I am assuming it is separation anxiety, but I obviously can not correct his behavior if I am not home.

As for plans for tomorrow, nothing planned. If possible, Chris might take me grocery shopping, but otherwise – nothing planned. My next major event will be a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I am hoping to rely on a friend to watch the dogs to hopefully control Malak’s barking so the upstair’s neighbor could have some sleep since he works nights.