Not much happened today. I did my morning activity which is normal. I did some cleaning in the kitchen which involved gathering some plastic shopping bags in the cubby and putting them into one large bag. The plastic bags are kept for when I walk the dogs – although Malak has been better about not going when we walk.

I took a small 2 hour nap during the afternoon. I am assuming that I really needed it. As for the evening, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours, but lost track of the time. I scanned through my SPAM, and came across an automated email from Verizon with the price as for adjustments made to my account. It claims the bill for next month will be less  than $50 which I will doubt unless I was prepaid.

Nothing planned for the next day. I would have liked to take the dogs for a long walk, but my cleats on my shoes are thinning out (one non-existent). I need to keep my soles as long as possible especially since replacing them is at least $50. I might just take them for an extended walk tomorrow.

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