Not much happened today. I did some work on one of my sites which I want to finish when possible. I will likely do some more tomorrow. I also made a couple of phone calls, and did a little personal work.

I also spent a little time in Second Life. It would seem that my great building project has reduced me to about 700 Prims (1900 starting off), and most of my structures hadn’t even been furnished yet. I will want to rez one more skybox, but may have to make a sacrifice along the lines of something.

Much of my Linden dollars are spent though. I have been looking for “free” that matches the style of the homes, or at least the style of me. I obviously made a couple of mistakes when purchasing from certain retailers. This will not be a mistake that will happen again. I however, had made some use of an affiliate program which reduced the cost of the advanced teleport system. All of this will be in my new web site.

No plans for tomorrow. I will want to finish up on some work, and that will also require that I print out labels during one of the dogs’ exercise sessions. I will also have to prepare the ground beef for placing in pasta. I have a little less than 3lbs, and I would split it up for three meals of pasta.

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