A bit happened today. I had to go to an appointment with a nutritionist. This meant I had to leave about 10AM to get there a little after 11AM for a noon appointment. This was recommended  by my PCP which I tend to try to follow her advise.

After leaving to appointment, I went to downtown to get cleats placed on the shoes. I also spent a little more than $5 for lunch which will hit me later. I did get home, and got the Connect Card – however Port Authority is recommending that I don’t use it until it can be registered which is on the 13th. Kind of pointless in having the card if they don’t want you to use for another week and a half?

Although I did pay all of my bills that could be paid before I left the house. My rent, phone, internet, and electric has all been paid according to the bank since about 6AM. I will expect a bill to automatically withdraw out of my account tomorrow which will bring me below the $100 mark.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will need to make a couple of phone calls. I will also need to drop off a piece of mail. I will need to work on my web site as I got nothing accomplished today. I will try to keep the amount of time on my feet down a little though.

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