A bit more than usual has happened today. First, I needed to go to Downtown to get bus tickets, and add to my Connect Card. It would seem as if the fare box panics and hiccups when you try to pay with cash, and a fare card. So the idea is to hand the driver the bus ticket which will support for a transfer, and use the fare card for the actual fare.

After the trip to Downtown to get my card filled and bus tickets, I went to the store in the North Side and purchased some food. I essentially purchased breakfast and lunch for the rest of the food month. After that, I walked to the nearby pharmacy to purchased iced tea. Even though there was a line, and people taking their time, I managed to catch the bus with a few moments to spare.

I got home home and of course did some catching up on various things. I given some advise to a friend in Second Life. In addition, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to run an errand that I couldn’t deal with today, and will work on my web site that I had to reset a couple of days earlier.

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