Today was a busy day. I went to my pharmacy to return an item I bought yesterday that didn’t work, and pick up my prescription order to take to another pharmacy. After four days having my prescription order, they couldn’t fill my prescription. However, since I am low on bus fare, I had to walk for almost an hour from home to the two pharmacies. I then had to wait 45 minutes while the prescription was being filled, and then wait 15 minutes for the bus to finally get me back to where I can catch the bus back home.

Chris stopped by in the evening, and spent the night. I also got a hold of One Main Financial, and they decided to tell me that they will get a check out to me by Wednesday. I told them that they had 1 week. Simply put, with me giving them one more week, I will be waiting a month since they stole the money from my account, so I think I am being generous with my patience with them.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will intend on staying home for the most part. I will have to recover from the three hour adventure in getting my prescription that the pharmacy had for four days to fill.

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