Today has been an abnormally painful day. I had an increase of pain for about 4 days now, so I am thinking there might be something wrong. If it continues, I will definitely make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

I also had to make a few phone calls. One was to someone to remind them of something. Another was to Department of Public Assistance to notify them of a change. The third was to Social Security to notify them of the same change. This change was for removing the PO Box to set the home as the default address. This is because I will be cancelling my when the term ends in a couple of days.

I also received a call from One Main Financial, and they notified me that they mailed the check on the 16th which I personally find it hard to believe. However, I will give them a benefit of a doubt and check my PO Box even though there is mail forwarding on it. I will have to go there to cancel the box any how. They still have until Friday, and if no positive results, I will be filing a complaint.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be busy in the morning despite the fact I won’t be up to running the errands. However, to do everything today will allow me to not have to go to Downtown for a week or two until it is time to get my cleats replaced.

The first thing I will have to do is go to check on the hoax called the One Main Financial Check. While there, I will turn in my key, and cancel my box. The next thing will be to replace my photo ID that has been lost. It is a $13.50 charge, but it is one I will need to do especially if my bank will need the ID to file the complaint. The third thing will be adding funds to my Connect Card, as well as getting a book of 50¢ tickets for transfers. What money is left in my possession will go to the bank.

In the unlikely event that I don’t see the check at the PO Box, and it comes to the apartment today, I will just have to make another trip to make the deposit. I won’t be waiting for the mail to deliver today.

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