Today was a busy day – at least in the morning. It also rained a little which didn’t make things easier. I walked the dogs in the morning while it was above freezing. After that, I went to Downtown which I had to get documentation that I needed for Section-8. Once I got that documentation, I went to the other side of Downtown to get cleats added to my shoes. Then it was a wait for the Route 8 to get to the Grocery Store. While at the store, I bought what I hope to be almost a month’s worth of groceries. The shopping cart came in handy as I filled up the cart.

After the grocery store, I took myself to the Rite-Aid Pharmacy to remind them that their regular customer will be needing a prescription filled in about a week. I personally find me having to remind them as un-professional, but it seems as if this has to be the case.

When I got home, I took the two dogs out in the back yard so they can do what needs to be done, and of course they came in to play for a little while. I spent part of the evening watching a couple of movies, and ending the evening with bed.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a couple of things that needs to be done. While I bought groceries for myself, I will still have to get a couple of things in addition. The only reason I didn’t do this today was due to the shopping cart being filled. I will also have to make a couple of phone calls early in the morning.

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