Not much happened today. I wrote a blog posting about my first impressions with the Nexus 4. It is a good phone, and I like it. However, any new phone will be much better than the G2x. The reason why I focused on the Nexus is the reliable update path which will be something to look forward too.

I watched a couple of videos, and a movie from Netflix. It seemed as if the postal carrier wasn’t coming, so I sent the DVDs back by dropping off at the mail box before 11:30AM. The mailbox says it is collected at 1:15, so it should have gone out today.

I also had the Section-8 inspection which went smoothly. No issues, and that means that I of course can continue living here without any concerns. I also set up one of my SIP accounts on my Nexus which would be interesting to see how that will work. Chris is also doing a little better, but stayed home from work today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I have a couple of errands that are planned. One of them will be to go to Downtown to get a letter from Citizen’s Bank stating I don’t have an account with them. I will need to drop that off with the Section-8 office. If possible, I might go to Andrea’s as Alexis wanted to give me a late birthday gift. I told Andrea I will try to make it, but probably wouldn’t be able to stay long. If I don’t go tomorrow, I will like go on Friday.

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