Not much happened today. I was home most of the day although I went to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription. It’s due to be filled on the 9th, but that is a Sunday, and I have to do grocery shopping on the 11th, so that is when I will pick up my prescription.

I walked the dogs, and of course gave them time to play. Not much else happened, especially with today being so hot. I received my electric bill electronically, and I could either pay $15.75 or pay $31.67 as a budget amount – you know because the more expensive option is s much smarter. I made the necessary adjustments to my calendar entry for tomorrow so I have one place to compare all of the variable bills.

I also contacted Capital One since I will be paying the amount I owe them in full (mostly due to them sending me my last overpayment) and I will be making another over payment to address my monthly bills I will expect to have. I wanted to make sure they will not send the over payment again.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be paying my bills before the banks open, and making a couple of phone calls. Andrea said that she will pay her bill this week, so I am hoping she keeps her word, and takes care of it tomorrow. Otherwise, not much planned.

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