Today was a busy day. I took the two for a walk. After that, I got ready to go to the pharmacy where I dropped off a prescription, got two rawhides, and something small to drink while I will wait for the return bus. This allowed me to get cash back which I planed to give the money to Malak’s previous owner for taking everyone to the vet’s.

Later in the morning I received a package for replacement chew sticks which is good as I was low on them. I didn’t expect to receive them until at least Monday. I wasn’t complaining though. Nicole came about 2:45 and got us there in time, although we had to wait for a while. She decided to visit the animals that were there (Western Pennsylvanian Humane Society). In the meantime, Malak weighed in at 76lb, while Talisa is 82.

They of course got their checkup and a treat afterwards. They also got tested for heart worm which they tested negative for. Heartworm medicine is about $120 per year for each dog. That will be a significant impact on me, but one that will be tended too. I would rather keep them from getting heart worm than risk the chance. They also got the rabies vaccination which will last for three years. I will eventually have to put their new tags on though.

Nicole refused the money. I tried to offer the rationale that she had to spend gas, and there was time she had to wait, but she still didn’t want it. I will put the money to good use though. When we got home, I fed the two, but Malak wasn’t in the mood for eating which I am sure it is from the shots. In the meantime, I ordered new correction collars for them, a set of batteries to keep the controller active, and bought myself a set of bluetooth headphones which is money left over from the Rent Rebate. Until Chris pays the money he will owe me, I will have $25 in the bank, but all of the costs I spent today has been covered for, so my credit card should still be at a neutral or beneficial balance.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will of course walk the dogs, but little else is planned for the day. I believed the two will be able to sleep well from such an eventful day. I am sure I will.

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