Not much happened today. I took the dogs out for a late morning walk, and one in the afternoon, however was in too much pain to take them in the evening. I guess it is just one of those days.

I also helped a friend set up an email account, as well as will soon be a web site. I will have to finish everything else tomorrow morning. I found the iPod nano, and updated that so it can continue to be used as a night player. The iPod Touch was updated later. The old PC is still serving with that regards, but I am hoping to move everything over to the new PC as it has taken almost 1/3 of the day to get the Nano with 830 songs added. The system was running hot which most of the time – the PC was upside down so the hot air could blow upwards.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will be home and hopefully will feel better. Otherwise, I don’t expect much to do.

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