Not much happened today. I returned the LG F6 which I will be giving a blog posting about it tomorrow. The store charged me a $50 restocking fee even though technical support said I shouldn’t be charged. After that, a $57 refund on my bank card will be returned within a week.

Once I returned home, I called T-Mobile, and disputed the $50 restocking fee. I also cancelled the phone line that was associated with the F6. The line has been cancelled which means I have 4 lines on my account rather than 5 lines. My EIP should also be reduced to about $700.

The dogs also got their walks, and even got to play with a neighbor’s dog who is part Rottweiler. Not much else happened though. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely remain home, with exception of walking the dogs. I will also do some work on my web sites, but no other plans for the day.

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