Not much happened today. I spoke with my brother who is continuing giving me a delay which he is going to have a problem soon if he doesn’t correct it. In the meantime, I ended up going to the grocery store which I probably should have done that yesterday, but that was my fault I suppose. While at the grocery store, I bought the dog’s food, and bought some food for myself – although in the end – I will end up eating peanut butter sandwiches until my food benefits comes in.

In addition, the upstairs now has a new neighbor. Maybe, this one will stay for a while. I of course walked the dogs, and gave them a brushing. The day was finished off with watching some videos in the evening when it got dark outside. As for plans for tomorrow, no plans – especially being the end of the month, and on a Sunday. I will of course walk the dogs (if there isn’t rain).

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