One of the first things I will seek to do will be to find an abandoned house that has good access to Port Authority buses. I will then gut the house, renovate it, and furnish it.

The house will have flex PEX pipes for the plumbing, under-floor radiant heat, and in-ground radiant heat (Snow Melt). The house will also have a whole house water filter.

There will be solar panels on the roof which will supply most if not all of the electricity needed. There will also be a battery backup system in case the grid loses power. Cooking and heating will be electric as there will be no gas line.

The house will have RG-6 Coaxial cabling in all of the major rooms for television. This will have the option for either cable TV, or OTA TV. The house will also have Cat 7 Network cabling through the house for Internet, Networking, and Telephone communications. There will be a 10GBPS network switch with POE support. There will also be Wifi Access Points on every floor.

The house will have in-ground radiant heating to melt the snow and ice. This is of course intended to keep people from slipping and falling. There will also be a fire sprinkler system which will minimize fire damage. Last, there will be an elevator for when I’m old or in a wheelchair.

The floor will be black cork tile. The counters will be black granite. The walls and cupboards will be gray. The ceilings and fans will be white. This color choice will reflect my personal taste as I am likely the only one that will be living in the home.