This website is the personal web site of Frank Pilone. Since this is pretty self explanatory, I will instead go into a little more detail about myself. I was born on 3rd of February, 1973. I am single and never been married. Nor do I have any children. I am outspoken, and have a non-conventional way of thinking. I also have a problem with crowds, and at least from my perception don’t make a great first impression.

I live in a 1BR Apartment in the neighborhood of Troy Hill. I live by myself with my Pit Bull Terrier. Due to a physical disability, I am not able to work, and therefore collect SSI benefits. Because of a limited income, I have cut corners where possible. I have always carried the philosophy to make due with or without.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to ask. I am typically an open book. You can get to all of my contact information by going to http://fsp.tel/. Feel free to explore my site, and have a good day.