Call Handling

Call handling is simple. I have a Google Voice number which will ring to one or more numbers depending on the caller. The number that is associated with my Google Voice number has been mine since 2005. 

For my Google Voice number, the following groups are routed as follows:
Anonymous Calls – Goes to Voicemail
Unknown Calls – Rings Home 1
Contacts – Rings Cellular
Starred – Rings Cellular, and Home 2

Anonymous callers are anyone that blocks their phone number from showing on the recipient’s caller ID screen. These callers will never ring my phone, and instead go to voicemail. If I need regular contact with someone that refuses to unblock their number will be given a toll free number. This will unmask the block, and send the caller to my Google Voice number which will follow the rules as above. 

Unknown callers are anyone that are not in my contacts. If I don’t know your first and last name, you are considered as an unknown caller as you will not be added into my contacts. These callers will ring the primary home phone line. This number is also displayed when I make a phone call from my home phone. Such calls are only supported from 6AM – 10PM. In the event that I need to expect a call and I know I won’t be home, I will also set my home phone to forward calls the my Pinger number. This is due to my phone muting unknown callers when calling my cellular phone. 

Contacts are people who I know their first and last name. These callers will ring my cellular phone. In addition, if an unknown caller will call the cellular phone directly, my phone will mute the call – preventing it from ringing. Such caller will likely be sent to voicemail.

Starred Contacts currently are my medical professionals. These calls will ring my cellular phone, and my line 2 on my home phone. This is because the rules with the primary phone line is not suitable for Starred Contacts.