I have a few domains that I own. Most of them serves a role and purpose, however there are a couple that just redirects to this site. The first of my domains is which this site is located within. This domain is for family members to have a guaranteed email address, and website if they should choose to use it.

The second is which is a redirect site for pages within my own works. For example, this page might have which will redirect to this site. The third site is which handles the redirects that are not under my control. For an example, an affiliate link might be connected with this domain.

Both, and redirects to pages here, but could be put to use in the future. For example, forwards to the If I Had $5 Million area of this site.

Next are my two .TEL domains. provides my general contact information including a link to my email, this website, and my mailing address. provides contact information specific to my phone.