I get $783 from Social Security, and $22.10 from Pennsylvania. I also get $92 in SNAP (food stamps) benefits. For those that don’t know, this is below the poverty line for the state of Pennsylvania. Therefore, I have to make every dollar work hard to make ends meet.

My rent is $185 with Section-8 covering the remainder. My health insurance is covered by Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program. As mentioned, I get $92 in SNAP. Much of my SNAP goes to meals with me needing to spend some cash for coffee.

My electric is $15/month which includes discount from the CAP program. My internet is $10/month through Comcast‘s Internet Essentials. For phone service, I use Google Fi. This allows me to keep my Google Voice number, and actually use it as my cellular number. I expect my phone service to cost $35/month.

Optional services includes my hosting (Dreamhost) which hosts all but my .TEL domains, Hulu which allows me to watch some TV shows at my time and Netflix which is my primary source for movies. I also have a transit card with funds on it for riding the bus.