Malak is my Pit Bull Terrier. He was born in April of 2011, and I had him since October 2011. He has been neutered, and on flea/tick prevention medicine which he takes once every 8 months. He is all black with exception of a white spot on his chest. He also has an Avid micro-chip.

Malak is let outside at least a few times a day – usually to do his business. He eats in the afternoon at the same time I eat, and usually goes for a walk in the late morning. Such walks are usually 30-45 minutes. When walked, he has a Gentle Leader head collar, and a leash which I attach to my belt.

Pit Bulls usually live 10-13 years. He is very people friendly, and dog friendly as well, but his lunges will sometimes suggest otherwise. In reality, he just wants to play and waste no time in doing so. As much as I would like another dog when Malak passes, I will likely not get one due to financial, and physical issues.