My name is Frank Pilone. I was born on the 3rd of February, 1973 in the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I lived most of my life in this city with a couple of exceptions. I am 6′ (188cm), and 240lb (109kg). I have brown hair, and brown eyes. I was born with inverted club feet, and had a significant number of surgeries to repair them.

I am a very quiet person. I don’t do well with crowds, so I don’t get out much, nor do I have many friends. I make due nonetheless. I see myself as a caring, kind, and sincere person. I’m not close with most of my family. There are various reasons for this, but the fact still remains that I’m not close with them.

As for my wardrobe, all of my jeans and shirts are black. This is because black is my favorite color, and makes life simpler as that is one fewer choice I have to make. Ironically, my Pit Bull (Malak) is also almost all black.

Some people may ask why I make my phone public. Most of the time I had the phone number, I had excellent call handling control. Right now, there is less control – but ironically, I don’t get many calls from unknown numbers. If I don’t wish to be bothered, I can simply set the phone to Do Not Disturb.

My home is basic. I live in a 1BR apartment, but it feels more like a studio. I have to pay for my electric, internet, and phone. I have access to one public bus route which doesn’t run on Holidays, nor Sundays. This is something I gotten used to.

As for how I spend my days, in the morning, I wake up, get dressed, and brush my teeth. I will then make coffee for the morning. I then check my email accounts. After a while later, I will walk Malak. When walking Malak, my phone is used as a music player and paired with a set of bluetooth headphones. In the afternoon, I will make dinner for Malak and I. After which, I will brush my teeth again, and if need be, bathe and shave. If I have any internet related tasks, I usually do it in the afternoon. In the evening, I will watch the news, and use the PC. At night, I prepare to go to bed, and start the next day over again. Most of my appointments are in the afternoon which adjusts my afternoons from there.