My name is Frank Pilone. I was born on February of 1973 in the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I lived most of my life in this city with a couple of exceptions. I am 6′ (188cm), and 225lb (102kg). I have brown hair (although shaven), and brown eyes. I was born with inverted club feet, and had a significant number of surgeries to repair them.

I am a very quiet person. I don’t do well with crowds, so I don’t get out much, nor do I have many friends. I make due nonetheless. I see myself as a caring, kind, and sincere person. I’m not close with most of my family. There are various reasons for this, but the fact still remains that I’m not close with them.

As for my wardrobe, all of my jeans and shirts are black. This is because black is my favorite color, and makes life simpler as that is one fewer choice I have to make. 

Some people may ask why I make my phone number public. Most of the time I had the phone number, I had excellent call handling control. Right now, there is less control – but ironically, I don’t get many calls from unknown numbers. If I don’t wish to be bothered, I can simply set the phone to Do Not Disturb.

My home is basic, but functional. I live in the Downtown neighborhood which means I have access to many buses to get to where I need to go. As for utilities, I have to pay for Internet, and Telephone. I do have a wide variety of channels from an over the air antenna which in my opinion – a better value than cable TV. 

As for how I spend my days, I wake up, and prepare for the day. My phone is my alarm clock. Once I am ready for the day, I take my morning medicine, and make a couple of cups of coffee. I then check email, and messages. Depending on what day it is will depend on what I need to do. On Mondays and Thursdays, I check my mail at my PO Box, and at my apartment. Also on Thursdays, I will go grocery shopping so that will be one less thing I will have to do another day. 

Most of my doctor appointments are either phone or video visits. Some such as the eye doctor, that is not possible – so I will obviously go when need be. In which case, I try to make all of my appointments in the morning to clear up the rest of my day.

When I am not doing anything in particular – I will spend my days composing either physical letters (which gets sent when I check my mailbox), and email. I usually have my music player running, but would watch some TV, just not a lot. 

Not much else to say about me. I am usually not good at describing myself. If you wish to know anything in particular – just ask me. I’m an open book.