Social Networks

I’m currently connected with two social networks. For the time being, there is not much activity on any of them which I will get into through this page. The social networks are as follows: Facebook, and Twitter.

With Facebook, if I don’t know you, I am not likely going to add you as a friend. Even if I do know you, that is not a guarantee that I will accept any friend requests you make to me. As of now, I am not affiliated with any groups, and typically will check Facebook every couple of days. I also had a lackluster experience with Facebook which discourages me from using it.

Last is Twitter. I currently don’t have any actual people that I follow. Most of the following are businesses or organizations that I would want to keep up to date on. Not much else goes on with Twitter.

If I post anything, it would likely be significant actions such as major updates to my site, adding a new site, or if there was any big event in my life. I will not post graphics, or meme on the site as I try to do my part in making my contribution to the network useful.