Addressing Cuts with Verizon

I had Verizon’s FiOS bundle package for a while. This included Internet service, Telephone, and Television service. I had tried to find an appropriate value in having all three services. However, it came to the point where I couldn’t get the value at a price I could afford. So, I had to make some decisions as noted further.

First, let’s look at the last pricing. I had 15/5MBPS, “Prime TV” which was missing some basic channels that influenced my decision greatly, and FiOS phone which included unlimited domestic calling, voice mail, Caller ID, and a few other features one should expect from a digital phone service. The Internet, and Phone was both about $30 each as a bundle. The TV was about $55. A set top box would have been $10, but I had been paying $6 more for a DVR. Taxes were about $15. All together once the discounts would have expired, I will be looking at $140 per month – and this is with the lowest TV package.


I do notice the difference between the speeds. However, I have chosen to stay with the 15/5MBPS connection. Because I will no longer have a bundle, my price of Internet has a $25 additional cost, and then there is a 1 year contract with a $165 ETF. The contract is something that actually offends me, especially since I had been a customer with them for almost as long as I have been in their service market. Internet is now $55 per month which is about what I would have paid with DSL at my old residence. No one can give me a straight answer on taxes, so I am assuming $15 until I see my first bill. This will bring the bill to $70.


This is the biggest rip-off I have ever witnessed. Some people may call that harsh to say, and I know that many other companies offering bundles charges similar prices, but $30 for a landline phone service is downright ridiculous. If Andie wasn’t on my phone plan, I could get a cellular line with the cheapest amount of minutes, and a 2GB data plan for a little more. The catch is while I won’t have “unlimited voice”, I can use an app to give me unlimited voice when I am in a wifi network. For those that have unlimited voice probably don’t think of having a house phone.

The house phone as being used as a fax line. So, the best way to provide for this would be missing fax line (which I only used a few times) would be to acquire a Net Talk ATA, and use service with them. They claim to support Fax Over IP, and my 15/5MBPS can handle fax and VOIP easily.  This device will be $45 for the first year, and $30 each additional year. So, for Verizon’s monthly price, I can get a year worth of service. No brainer. Unless finances forbid me, this ATA will be acquired in early May.


I wasn’t a big TV fan. Most of my TV line entertainment came from Hulu which had nothing to do with Verizon’s TV service. There were a few shows that are only available on cable, but I will have to ask myself, it is worth the extra $60 or more? The answer is no. And to make matters worse, if I wanted to watch all of the shows I would want to watch, I will probably have to spend another $60 which would have brought my bill to over $200 per month. For someone on SSI and only receiving $720 per month, there better be a damn good reason if a bill is higher than my rent. And then there is the set top box. At least Comcast (according to my brother) includes the first box for free. You have to rent the first box.

Most likely, I will look into my free trial with Hulu Plus, and consider that as an alternative. Netflix’s streaming library seems to suck even more than when I had it back in November of 2011 – so giving them my money is not likely. If I really feel the intense desire to have a TV show – I can purchase the season, and still cost less. The only shows worth trying to get will be Doctor Who, Game of Thrones (which would have cost extra on Verizon), and Walking Dead when it comes back in Autumn.

What’s Next?

I will first acquire a Net Talk ATA. This will be assumed to be a one time fee of $15 + S&H with a $3/month service fee. Hulu will provide most of the TV services I will otherwise miss by not having television. I will be saving about $70 per month, but this money will end up having to go to basics as cost of living has increased. What ever will remain will be applied to any smaller past due debts, or attempts to reduce current bills.

How could Verizon Win Me Back?

I completely understand that laying in Fiber Optic is very expensive. However, monopolistic pricing, and policies will not get me back. Compete with your prices. Keep in mind that your voice services are actually VOIP services, and if a company can do it for $5 or less than a month, how could you justify charging 6 times as much. Simply put, if I wanted all of the channels I prefer – I will end up having to pay almost $140 more and get many more channels I have no interest in. For about 10 channels, this is way too much.

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