April 2016

This month could have been better, but as usual, I make due with or without. Replaced my previous notebook which now functions as a desktop PC with a smaller convertible notebook. I will have to make payments on it which is pretty much my entire life. However, the convertible notebook has proven of value – if it is a bit on the low end.

This month was the first month in more than a couple of decades that I went to a food bank. It is not a matter of pride, but always felt as if there were others that will need it more such as children, or elderly. Even with a food bank, I have to take a bus. It will be on the third Wednesday of the month. I will walk down, and take a bus back. This will be the most efficient means.

At the end of the month, one of my medicines have been increased. Thankfully my insurance covers my medicine. I will have to assume the worst on my Nexus phone and tablet. No resources to purchase new ones. The Life One X I have will be my primary phone. The Studio C will be the home phone and a backup phone. This will reduce the amount of games I have access to since none of my (1 and 1 Fire OS) android tablets are of good enough quality.

Google Wallet will be terminating its debit card services. This will have a serious negative impact on me as I transferred all of my discretionary funds to Google Wallet so I could exactly what I have. Starting in May, I will have to use my bank’s debit card. This will mean I will have to check on my account on any day I will plan on going somewhere, and make decisions on how to use any funds. Before, I will just open an app, and enter a PIN to see my balance. This will take some effort to adjusting.

Comcast has been giving problems with billing. My bill will be due on the 11th. I will be notified of my bill on the 23rd (within a couple of days), and if I mail my bill on the first, they will likely not recognize it until after the bill is due – making me technically late. This is not something I want to accept, so it will seem as if I will have to make a special trip every month to pay my Comcast bill.

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