April 2017

This month could have been a better month, but I made due. A number of things have happened which is probably worth mentioning. Some of these changes will also have an impact on my goal of getting out of debt which will cause some setbacks. Also, someone out of the blue have contacted me which was not expected and finally got an appointment I needed for a few months, but will have to wait on the appointment.

First, for the contacts. My brother as usual will call about once a month, and offer some vague promise of visiting. This month, he called twice with the same vague promise which never happened. This is normal lately. He is also making some choices I would not agree with, but he is his own person, and he knows my opinion. I also received a call for a psychiatrist appointment which will hopefully address some of the severe anxiety issues I have. I won’t see the psychiatrist until the second week of May. I had been in need of a new one since January. Since I am not running around with a shot gun, I guess I am not a priority. A distant family member also got a hold of me by email asking if I had the contact information of my Aunt (Mother’s sister). This is not something I have, and have yet to hear back from her. I would assume as with most of my family, she won’t need of me any longer.

I given up completely on my Blu phone, and given up on the company entirely. There is a recent post about that, but this has forced my hand in a few situations. The only phone I have currently not from Blu is my Nexus 5 which is 3½ years old. While it is still running, it is likely on its last days. Also, the storage of the Nexus 5 is only 16GB, and I have 3GB left. This is also a problem. Solution will be to get a new phone. Lenovo (owners of IBM and Motorola) offered the Moto Z Play for 18 months payments at 0% APR. This is going to dig me deeper into debt, but hopefully with the 0% APR, I can focus on my Amazon account which is almost 30%. I will expect the Moto Z in the second week of the month, and when that happens, my Nexus 5 will function as a backup phone.

Another major setback is my glasses. The left lens is popping out more often than I will care for. This is understandable since the glasses are 10 years old. And while I do have Medicaid, this will give a credit to the final bill of the Eye exam and glasses. This credit will not be enough, and I will expect I will have to pull $500 out of my pocket to cover for the new glasses. Since I don’t have $500 lying around, this will likely mean I will have to use my credit card which of course will dig a deeper hole. If I can be aggressive enough, almost all of my debt should be paid by the end of 2017.

As for the negative consequences of my anxiety which will last for days, I been suffering the negative effects for most of the month. This is why I haven’t been all pleased about the lack of determination from the health center in getting me a psychiatrist. Things started to improve in the last week of the month, but with the first week of the month requiring I go into situations I will expect will make my anxiety high every day of the first week of the month and then some – I will have just as bad of effects in May as I did in April. This however is just a side effect of my life.

On some good news, the woman that enjoys seeing Malak has taken me to Aldis again. This has had a positive impact on my food budget. While I will still eat once a day, I may actually start to have the resources to eat twice a day. Obviously, this will only apply if I can continue to go to Aldis. Thankfully, I don’t expect that arrangement to change.

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