August 2017

This month could have been better. At the very least, it was frustrating. Where I will have a significant bias, and take much of what happened as personal, I will try to not let it affect the basic truth of what happened. This will be done as best as can be.

In the first week of the month, my brother did something wrong by me. It has even come to the point where I can not trust him any longer. With that being said, I had asked my landlord to do a couple of things to help deal with what my brother has done to me. If the precautions I have taken will fail, I will have to consider moving, or worst case scenario, surrender Malak and become homeless until I will be able to find a new place to live.

In the second week, I had made a couple of phone calls, but little success on some things I am attempting to do. A lot of this is trying and will involve a lot of effort, but it will seem as if I can’t even get a foot in the front door. These efforts I am trying to commit to will help my situation with my brother, but so far has eluded me – which I will guess is about my income. In addition, the landlord had done some benefit for me but will be of benefit to him if there was to be another tenant in the apartment.

The third week – there were a few appointments. One was for my psychiatry appointment, another for the anesthesiologist, and finally a checkup for my eyes. Had to get letters for both the psychiatry and eye doctor for assistance on bus fare. Also had a therapist appointment which entered in the fourth week.

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