Big Hopes

OK, those whom had read my blog this week would see my desire in the Blackberry 8900. Well, it pretty much comes down to a few things. It would be money that is owed, and money that would be lent to me. Also, a little bit of my money would also come out of this, but if everything works right, I would have the BlackBerry 8900 with a brand new number. So what would this mean?

As in a previous post, the 8900 would cost about $325 including tax, and before rebate. If I am going to get it within a month, I would have to be able to borrow $150. I asked an associate of mine if he would lend it, and he said he would think about it. If not, I would have to save up for it. If so, it would mean I would have to come up with $175. I done some work for someone, and he would owe me $80. This money should come in the third week of the month. I also lent some money to someone and would use $45 to apply to the phone. My brother still owes me for his phone bill which would be use for the phone since I already paid it. That should mean that I would have all of the initial cost. If something minor doesn’t work out, I should have about $50 in a credit card which should help offset a small problem.

There would be an activation fee, but this won’t come until the future. As for the services on the plan, it would be added to the current family plan. I would also add unlimited data on the line. This would work with Google Services including Maps and allow me to get bus times instantly. It would also function as a modem for the notebook.

As for the rebate, it would only be $100, and could take a couple of months  to receive it. The money I would have borrowed would be almost paid off, and besides, when using a rebate from a phone carrier, it always goes to the cell phone bill.

The phone at least to me is worth it. First, the 8320 can only support a maximum of 8 – 16GB card. It also requires me to pull the battery to change cards. The 8900 has support for 32GB, and has the card reader next to the battery rather than under it. Now, I have 8GB cards, but already – about 1GB is available.

Since I take buses everywhere, and I would normally carry schedules if it wasn’t for Google Maps, the GPS would make life easier – especially in areas that I am not familiar with. I would know exactly where I am, where I have to go, and when the bus comes. With the 8320, I would have to carry a separate receiver, and I noticed they aren’t always great working. An external receiver will require me to carry an additional device, have one more thing to charge, and add the price by $65. An 8320 with the receiver is about $285, or $35 less than the 8900.

The phone is lighter, more ergonomic, and better CPU. This would mean that in the event I have to reboot the phone, it should reboot quicker. Also, lighter means it won’t wear sweat pants down when I’m in the apartment. Of course, there is also be a cool factore.

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