Blue Hippo Attracts Idiots

If you live in the US, I am sure you have heard of Blue Hippo which in reality offers a layaway plan for those that wish to have a computer. This is a SCAM. No, I never got it, but that is because this “program” is so outrageous, it is not funny. They prey on people with bad credit, and low income. I went to the Blue Hippo’s web site, and come across a number of disturbing features. Let’s look at these disturbing features.

First is time. They can hold the computer you are paying for up to 52 weeks unless you pay it off quicker. If you make 6 – 13 consecutive payments, they might offer financing for the remainder. I am sure this financing has interests, and anyone with bad credit would of course have high interest. Maybe it’s not interest bearing, but for the cost, it doesn’t matter much. If you are like me, and get income only once a month, these convenient weekly charges could be painful financially. So, provided you have to wait 3 months (4 x 13 weeks = more than 3 months), you would have paid at least $286. You still have to finish it off, and you can only hope they would finance the remaining charges.

So what would you get for $22/week for 52 weeks? Currently, you would get a 2Ghz dual core CPU with 1GB of memory. You would get a DVD-ROM that can also write CDs. You do not get a monitor! What other options are available for those with bad credit, and obviously low income? Well, here are some suggestions. Right off the top, you would have to get a monitor, and at least another GB of memory. This in honesty is a low end system, and if you saved up this time last year, you could probably buy 3 of such PCs.

With a little will power, you can save the money. A basic computer that is new with a cheap monitor could cost about $500, or six months savings. And you would get a PC that is new, and not 6 months old waiting for you to pay it off. No more payments. You can also get a relatively decent PC from eBay for about $150. You would need a monitor, and it ay not be a dual core 2Ghz system, but for basic activities, you can get away with a 1.6Ghz, and 512MB if you would have XP. 1GB with Vista is simply not enough.

If you save, and wish to go the cheap route, you can get a basic system similar to the specs they would offer – although no dual core CPU. If you are doing basic things, you don’t need it. You would also get Vista Basic, and while I do not like this, it would serve for the basic needs. You would also get a DVD player which would serve nicely, and a DVDRW would do much better than the CD writer that would come with Blue Hippo. You also get a 17″ Wide-screen LCD monitor and for $450 or 5 months worth of Blue Hippo payments.

Don’t want to wait, or save? Well, with your bank account (required by Blue Hippo), you would have an ATM card that has a Mastercard, or Visa logo on it. With some companies like ShopNBC, you would be able to get a system that is relatively basic, and with a 19″ LCD. You would also have more software for 4 monthly payments of $200. Yes, this is more than twice the amount you would pay for Blue Hippo, but you would get a better system with a monitor, and less time paying. They also send the system when they take the first payment. Don’t like it, you have 30 days to return it.

If you go the pay now option, you would get something immediately. You can save, and get something that matches the time you actually buy it. Blue Hippo is not an option, especially when a few states are considering prosecuting for unethical actions. If you really need more personal advise on how to get your own PC, I might be able to offer something, but any company that wants you to layaway for high weekly payments for what would be old technology and the specs are sketchy, incomplete, and not impressive, run away.

Blue Hippo does not endorse, nor would approve of this post. For more information on Blue Hippo, visit

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