Brother QL-570

Early in April, I came across a need to print labels. The reason is regular mailings on the behalf of someone else. In any case, I was brought with a dilemma. Do I go and buy more sheets of labels that may or may not print exactly as needed, and spend on ink to print these, or do I look for a better alternative. I already knew of label printers, but needed something on a budget. The Dymo series started are around $150, and goes up from there. I found an alternative being the brother QL-570. which was about $100. I also acquired a roll of labels which while more expensive per label, the cost savings would come with the thermal printer which requires no resources other than electricity.

The printer is fast for its size. I am able to print out about 20 labels with barcodes in about 1 minute. This makes my life easier as I never have to wait. And since the labels are never printed until needed, it is going to save on resources. And since the printer is thermal, it is not going to require an ink cartridge, nor a laser cartridge. Heat is applied to specially coated material, in this case the labels. The software package is also good allowing for a wide range of effects. The address book can import and export CSV files which makes storing a backup of the needed addresses easier.

The printer is not without flaws. I doesn’t have multiple loads. If I needed to use a different size, I would have to turn the printer off, lift the load tray, remove the current roll, and insert the new roll. This can be tedious, and take a few moments. The other flaw is proprietary rolls, which means that Brother has a greater control of the price which defines how much I have to pay. The last time I bought a roll, it was $15 for 400 labels.

All in all – with the small footprint, and advantages, the disadvantages. The printer serves well enough, although I would have much rather to have a higher quality printer as for the disadvantages. It is worth the price I paid for it.

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