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Pages Moved

For the 3 people that visits my web site regularly may have noticed the the About Section, and page on my dogs have vanished from my personal site. In addition, the Plans for the year, and my wish list is gone from this site. However, this information is still available.

As for the plans for 2014 – this will become a blog posting. It will have similar information, and will be late to the year, but it will still be a blog posting. I will do something similar in the first month of 2015 as well. Now, as for all of the grand pages that were on this site. They haven’t been killed off completely, but they were obsolete. is focusing more as a blog site even though I don’t write in it daily. Therefore, my goal is to focus on that blog aspect. My About Section, and Pets’ Page has been moved to As some may know, is one of my domains although have been underutilized as of lately. This domain will carry a more prominent role. Already, this domain will replace most of, and will soon add a sub domain with pictures, information on my religious beliefs (which some that inquired was confused) as well as my Wish List.

In the future, this will be the only blog site, and all other sites will focus exclusively on content. The goal will be to push myself in a position where my network of sites may seem to be reputable while actually meaning something on a personal level. This will also help organize my content and make it easier to find. Rather than searching multiple domains for certain content, everything – or almost everything in centralized places. This will push a focus on fsp domains – however, and will still be in my network of sites.


Not much happened today. I did a little work on a couple of websites, and played with the dogs. Other than that, I didn’t do much. I did a plan change on a subscription to from $13 to $7, which is the music subscription service I use. This in conjunction with the Netflix cancellation should offset the cost demand on replacing the phone.

As for plans for tomorrow, if my benefits comes in, I will have a couple of errands. A couple of them will be in Downtown. I will also have to drop off my prescription, for them to fill out later this week, and of course groceries. While doing everything at once will take more time, the benefit will be lower bus fare costs.


Not much happened today. The dogs didn’t get to go out for a walk as it was too cold, and supposed to be that way again tomorrow. I gave them a hotdog within their meal which they appreciated. I watched a couple of movies from Netflix, and returned one of the discs. The second one will be returned on Monday.

As for plans for tomorrow, no real plans, especially with it being a Sunday. I will likely remain home for the most part. I will probably try to get some work on my web site worked on which will take some of my time. I will also need to let the dogs out and play in the backyard where they can get some workout while being able to come in when it gets too cold.


Not much happened today. I didn’t sleep well last night, and been a bit tired. I walked the dogs in the mid afternoon, but otherwise, nothing happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I won’t be doing anything, especially since it is a Sunday. I will have a doctor’s appointment on Monday


A bit happened today in comparison to most days. I had to run a couple of errands which involved picking up my mail which only a couple of pieces didn’t get disposed of. I also paid all of my bills that don’t have a setting for auto-pay. In addition, I replaced the cleats on my shoes, and got a couple of gallons of iced tea with a loaf of bread. I chatted with a friend from Delaware, and another from Morocco, and in the morning, a friend from the Philippines. The dogs got their walk in the evening, and since it was cooler, they were more active. Talisa went through her very hyper stage which is usually a challenge.

The upstairs apartment also got rented, so now I have new neighbors. I was also able to give some advise to a couple of people which of course is my good Samaritan act. In the evening, I decided to look into Bitcoin. I started it about 4PM, and went to bed with it still synchronizing with no real show of effort. With some research, it will seem the more powerful the video card is, the better. Since I have a low end notebook, I also have a lower end video card. It may not be as promising as I will like until I can actually afford to get a dedicated desktop PC which will likely not happen.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day. It cooled down a little, but warmed up. I feel that my PC has been failing more and more. It is a bit frustrating that I can only afford low end PCs. Nonetheless, I did a little bit of browsing on the web, and some searches. I also fed the dogs a steakum for their  evening meal along with the regular food.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will pay bills which almost all will be done at home. I will have to pay for my PO Box which might be the last time. I will also have to try to get some iced tea, and get cleats for my shoes. Otherwise, much of day will be home.


Not much happened today. It was hot and made things a little miserable. The ceiling in the center room has been getting a lot of sentimental value – however I am sure I will pay for it through the electric bill.

Otherwise, not much happened. As for plans for tomorrow, nothing planned with the exception of preparing for Friday.


Not much went on. It was a bit hot in the day, but I did walk the dogs in the evening. I was fortunate for when I did considering that it rained very hard about 10 minutes after I got home.

I also had to go to the Walmart. I went to Walmart to get a dog feces scoop which it wasn’t the style I liked, but the cheapest one. I also got a 25’ leash. This will eventually work on conditioning the dogs, and I will have to use for Talisa since she decides to sometimes make me go down. I will just be able to tug on the leash.

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Not much happened today with it being a holiday. There are no buses so, that would mean I couldn’t gone anywhere if I wanted too. I also joined Second Life, but found some things a little confusing. It is promising to some degree though.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the Waterworks Mall. The reason for this is to get a dog feces scoop. I was using the neighbor’s, but he took it when he came to clean the remaining items he had. I will need to get that tomorrow, and hopefully the dogs will keep calm. I am considering risking allowing them out of the kitchen. Otherwise, not much planned.


Not much has happened today. The dogs were a bit lazy, but at 90°F, I can’t blame them. I finished the web site I been working on. If one wants to view it, they can go to There was a page I forgot to enter, but that is a small issue that can be remedied quickly tomorrow.

Chris stopped by, and of course spent the night. He didn’t get here until after work last night. And when he got there, there are no buses running. And since Monday is a holiday, there will be no more bus service until Tuesday.

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