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Yes, the web site has now been set up to serve to provide for my crazy imagination. However, this means that friends would have to do something a little different if they would want a web site. First, there were three people that were expecting to take some benefit. Two had domains that I set up for them, and one had a sub domain. With me almost never hearing from a couple of them, and none of them making use of the web site would seem as if it was not of value to anyone.

Therefore, I have decided to make use of my domain name, and put it to personal use which might actually have made more sense. First, I seen that none would probably want a web site centered around my initials. I however was not interested in allowing to expire, so I have put it to good use.

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Why I Dropped Netflix

A few days ago, I dropped Netflix. There were a few reasons, and while finance is a small part, it was not the big reason. Ever since Netflix forced their customers to pay almost $10 more per month to have streaming, as well as DVDs. Now, I am sure that some people might say quit complaining, it is only $8 more. However, that is not the point – as I said, finance is not the big reason.

I dropped Netflix down to 1 DVD at a time, and no streaming. However, since I went to 1 DVD, it seems as if DVDs take longer to process either receiving or sending. This has at a couple of times took almost a week for them to send a new DVD after I sent it. This means that my value has decreased. If I went to 2 DVDs, they magically get processed in a reasonable time frame. So why wouldn’t I add streaming, or just go streaming?

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Hulu Cable? Not really

There has been some news articles where Hulu is considering a cable model approach. They will still be exclusively on the Internet, but exactly how this will turn out, I am not sure. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu is considering changing it’s business model and offer shows on the same time they air on TV as well as offer an on demand service. This sounds really good, right? Well, it does sound good – but so does unicorns crapping hope.

Look, I like Hulu a lot. I use it all of the time, especially since I don’t have a television, nor can I afford the $100+ price tag that a company I have issues with will charge me to get cable TV. However, just because Hulu says they will be a online cable service doesn’t mean anything. They will still have to get broadcast rights, and the companies that formed Hulu did so to compete with You Tube, and when it failed, they do a half-ass attempt at keeping it running. On a personal note, the second season of V is not running on Hulu where the first season did. And if I remember right, ABC (where you would watch V) is one of these partners.

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Another MP3 Player Hope Shot Down

I have been looking for a good replacement to the unworthy (in my opinion) iPod Nano 8GB (without the camera). It at best only gives me a couple of days worth of music. Archos finally unveiled their 7” Android device, and as with the original firmware of the 5” Android, it was slaughtered. However, Archos has managed to screw this up even more so.

First, it does have some good things. According to initial reviews, it is a bit more stable than what the Archos 5 with Android was. It is a bigger screen which is a desire for multi-media. It supports up to 32GB expandable storage to compliment the 8GB. It has a kickstand which every touch screen media phone, and Android device should have. However, that is where the good ends.

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My Music Would Come Mostly from eMusic

I had tried this service a long time ago, and they didn’t have anything I would have wanted. I couldn’t even make use of the 45 free songs. However, after trying it again, I have come to not only find some songs I would have wanted, but would probably continue on with them making them the primary choice for music in the future.

I’m on the $12 plan which would give me 24 credits which would seem to be about 2 albums. I have purchased almost 50 songs with all of the free 45 credits I received during signup. This included some songs that I have fond it a little hard to or expensive to get otherwise.

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Superman’s Bane Musical Group

Not really, but Kryptonium has come to mind when I see the word Krypteria which is a group I discovered through Pandora, and just purchased one of their albums with the remaining in-house credit I had with Amazon. This particular album is Bloodangel’s Cry.

Krypteria is an alternative rock group with origins in Germany. So, this maybe a major reason of why most in the US may not have heard of it. The group has their own web site (, and located on MySpace as well.

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Pandora – My Thoughts

The online streaming music service available to many different platforms provides streaming music service based on your personal tastes from the names of musical artists, and songs you added. From there, it would also include many songs and artists that it thinks you would like. You could of course buy individual songs, and some interfaces have a means of getting information about the artist, or song.

You can also “thumbs up” add it as a song you like, or “thumbs down” note a song you don’t like, and never want to be bothered from hearing again. You can also skip songs, or pause songs. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, I love the concept, and the service is very good, but it does need a lot of room for improvement.

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Archos 7 running Android?

As some who visits my site regularly might know – I am looking for a respectable replacement for my iPod Nano. So far, the best option is a butchered version of Android on the Archos 5 Internet tablet. I say butchered since it doesn’t seem to have some core features from what you would expect on Android such as Google Contacts, Google Maps, and Android. Archos says that since there isn’t a camera and the screen is higher resolution, support isn’t available for many features we come to love.

There is a rumor that the Archos 7 running Android is to come out in March. Based on the older version of the Archos 7, it would have a 7.48” x 4.33” dimension, and this one would have a camera that might or might function as a web cam. And since Android 2.0+ supports high def resolutions, this as well as the Archos 5 should have 2.0. A market price of the 8GB model should be about $250 which by price should be more attractive since this is the same price as the Archos 5.

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Netflix – Now 4 More Days Valuable

Netflix just got 4 more days valuable. What exactly does this mean? Well, until today, if Netflix received a disc from me on Saturday, it wouldn’t be recognized until Monday. This was a damper on my Netflix viewing enjoyment. But earlier this morning, I received an email that Netflix has received my DVD. This is odd. I always sent DVDs on Friday, and had to wait until Monday for them to recognize it. So, I went to my Netflix account, and sure enough it was recognized, and they are sending me a new disc.

This is wonderful. I would now get a movie on Monday instead of Tuesday. This adds up as those extra days are no longer wasted. Before, I would get a movie, and if I sent them out on the same day, it would end up that many discs arrived on Saturday. Now, I don’t have to wait an extra three days.

Collide in my Lunascape

A few days, I have been enlightened to a couple new music groups. Well, I actually heard one before, but as with much of the music I try to get, it seems easier said than done. One artist, I have received a full album, while the other one – I just acquired one song.

The album is Vortex from Collide. A few of the songs are softer, and there are in my night playlist, but most of them are the eccentric strange musical tastes (at least according to many) that I have. I bought the album from iTunes since I already had credit on iTunes. I really love their music, so I am hoping to eventually get all of the albums.

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