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Addressing Cuts with Verizon

I had Verizon’s FiOS bundle package for a while. This included Internet service, Telephone, and Television service. I had tried to find an appropriate value in having all three services. However, it came to the point where I couldn’t get the value at a price I could afford. So, I had to make some decisions as noted further.

First, let’s look at the last pricing. I had 15/5MBPS, “Prime TV” which was missing some basic channels that influenced my decision greatly, and FiOS phone which included unlimited domestic calling, voice mail, Caller ID, and a few other features one should expect from a digital phone service. The Internet, and Phone was both about $30 each as a bundle. The TV was about $55. A set top box would have been $10, but I had been paying $6 more for a DVR. Taxes were about $15. All together once the discounts would have expired, I will be looking at $140 per month – and this is with the lowest TV package.

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Family Contact Directory – Minor Upgrade

The family contact directory located at has received a minor upgrade. Tel Hosting which is in control of all .tel domains as for hosting, and DNS goes added a feature to allow a small image to be posted in individual directories.

The Family Directory is very limited. There are only 5 members in the directory, and only two of them have anything that warranted complete listing. In turn, these two will have a QR code with the relevant contact information for that person. However, this information is compressed, and at least with using the Android application – it was hard to get the details to be recognized by the device.

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Best of Luck to Andie

My brother’s girlfriend (Andie) is in the delivery room of one of the hospitals in Pittsburgh giving birth to her third child. My best of luck and wishes to a quick delivery and for a very healthy child. My thoughts and prayers to her.

Update: The child of course was born, and his name is Xavier.

Do You Have a Spare Printer?

A few days ago, I had went and bought a new network printer. This printer also serves as a basic photocopier, and network scanner. However, there is nothing wrong the old printer with the exception of a damaged output tray which does not hamper the printer.

To help my brother’s family, I would be taking the older printer to their house. Once it is set up, it would be able to allow either of the two computers to print, as well as my notebooks. This is because as with the new printer, the old printer is a wifi network printer. And since both are Lexmark, and my desire to unify, both also uses the same type of ink cartridges.This would allow me to buy in bulk, although my brother and his girlfriend would have to contribute to theirs, but it would allow me to acquire dual packs cheaper than if I just bought two with different code numbers. Continue reading Do You Have a Spare Printer?