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Reduce My Transportation Problem

I have a crazy idea. And when I say crazy, I mean that it could never happen (due to a few issues), but will make sense if it could happen. Those that know me knows that I carry a philosophy that this world is so screwed up, that if something makes sense, it will never happen. So what is this crazy idea? Well, I have to deal with public transportation, and my home bus (the bus(es) to serve the neighborhood I live in) only runs hourly. This has caused a number of problems. For example, a day before today (2016-05-27), I had a doctor’s appointment. This appointment was at 10AM, but I got to the doctor’s office at 9:10AM because if I caught a later bus, I would have been late. And me being 30 minutes or more early for appointments is a regular occurrence because the only home bus runs hourly. In addition, I have a dog, and no driver’s license because of medical issues. I will like to be able to get my dog to places other than just the neighborhood I live in, and this is not possible (currently) with public transportation. One major instance will be a veterinarian checkup that should happen every year. To walk Malak there will be a 90 minute walk, and due to the time of the year that it is possible for me to take him means very hot concrete.

So what will my solution be? Well, it will be nearly $2,000, but this will be a bike with all of the items I will need and the components that will make such an idea feasible. I never ridden a bike before, and while that is usually a childhood staple, a normal childhood is something I never had. This will obviously mean I will have to learn to ride a bike, and then there are the ankles which I have almost no mobility which I am sure will have some balance issues. So, this will raise some issues, and cause for some adjustments. In addition, this will also need to be a solution to allow me to take my dog if he needs to go somewhere, and address issues like groceries, and possible doctor appointments. Continue reading Reduce My Transportation Problem

September 2015

September was one of the worst months I can recall in a very long time. One could read in all of the detail with the Bad September Entry. On a note of the after-effects, Talisa is doing better. Her skin irritation has cleared up, and only a couple of traces of it remains. People who had their phone turned off that were in my account hasn’t made any attempts to pay the past due. Since I still have the full phone bill to pay off (use the service, then pay for it), October will be a very bad month – at least financially. As for Talisa’s tests, the cheapest place is her regular vet office which is $150 for the visit, CBC, and thyroid test.

On one bit of good news, food assistance benefits gone from $77 to $109. So, now I am up to 40% of what a person needs to live with regards to food. American Dream, here I come. Obviously, the state of assistance with people in poverty is a whole another matter, so I won’t get into that. As for the exterminator, he has to come a couple of more times. The last time he didn’t need to spray in here. Just now have to make it through October. While the events of September have past, the financial consequences of those events are likely to continue through the rest of the year.

August 2015

The psychologist wanted me to pull back on the treatment that was pursued. In addition, the pain in the ankles has been increasing which I will be telling my anesthesiologist about it when I see him. There was also an issue with the upstairs neighbor, and while it was temporary (hopefully), it is situations as this that makes me desire so much of having my own house, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of another’s actions.

On a better note, I might be able to have loan forgiveness with my student loan. According to TransUnion, I have $34.000 in debt, and $30,000 of which is the student loan. If this can be effectively addressed, it could make life a little easier. Also, been corresponding with a local person by email. It’s fine in that manner, and have no issues in the person’s preference of communications.

July 2015

This month has been a continuation on seeing a psychologist which through addressing other issues of my life will hopefully reduce the pain. I did wanted to take the dogs for their annual check up, but this didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. Got some work on the ACTA Document done, although, still a bit of effort that needs to be done. Otherwise – this month has been relatively quiet. And it is months like this where it is a struggle to get a paragraph for the whole month on why I no longer do daily or weekly life updates.

June 2015

June has been a busy month. At recommendation of my Anesthesiologist, I started seeing a psychologist as part of pain management. As of June, I started to write a Pain Diary which I have been doing 3 times a day. In addition to help with making the pain better, I should be more social. For those that know me knows I am not the most social person, and always had issues with large crowds. However, the psychologist makes sense with the rationale (at least in my case), and been trying to reduce the discomfort with crowds by exposing myself (her words – not mine). In this regard, this means forcing myself into situations where it is discomforting, but not overwhelming. In addition, I am writing a log of those events – all of which have been provided to the psychologist when I see her. I took the dogs for a longer walk a couple of times this month. Otherwise, not much has happened.

I Should Have My Own Medical Arts Building

For about a year, my Anesthesiologist (doctor specializing in pain management), and/or his colleagues have been recommending seeing another doctor in a separate specialty in addition to seeing him. I currently see my anesthesiologist every three months to make sure everything is well, and to receive prescriptions for a narcotic pain killer. However, since the last visit – I have been considering the suggestion. Personally, I am not sure what the secondary specialist will be able to do, and I have been procrastinating as I have too many doctors now. Not only do I have the anesthesiologist, but I also have a dentist due to bad teeth, an ear specialist due to my left ear drum being collapsed, and of course a primary care physician. In addition, if my ankles should ever take a turn for the worse, I may have to see an orthopedic surgeon, and another specialty (although not a physician) is a pedorthist (specializes in medical molded shoes). With all of this in mind, one could possibly understand why the procrastination.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I will be seeing my PCP, and ask for a recommendation with the specialty the anesthesiologist recommended. If she can’t provide one, then I will contact the nurse’s line for my anesthesiologist and should get something there. One of the other reasons I am considering this is due to the times that the pain gets worse, it has been more extreme, and lasts longer. Other options will involve consuming more Ibuprofen which can have problems in its own right, or seek different medicine. If the anesthesiologist suggested the option he has been recommending, I should look into that before I go and ask for something stronger. If I receive a diagnosis (in addition to the too damn many I have now) regarding my pain, then I will indulge more.

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HP-2000 and its true cost

Recently, I purchased and received an HP 2000 series PC. This system has a Pentium Mobile 2.4Ghz Dual Core CPU, 4GB of memory, Wifi, and USB 2.0 ports. There are also other specifications on this system, but I won’t go into that. What I will go into is what it would end up costing me in the end.

This will include not only the actual purchase price, but the cost of making sure the system is properly serviceable, and will suffice even at its state of quality for a period of time. I will also want to make sure the system is protected properly. All of this will cost extra. So, what is the final price?

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Capital One, You’re Going Down!

Last month, I had made a final payment on a loan – so I thought (more on that in another post). Now, I have a EIP payment with my current phone and my carrier which has one or two payments remaining of $25 each at 0% interests, it would seem as if I have funds that was once to a loan now available for something else.

This will be a Capital One Credit Credit which is currently used to address automatic bills after the first week. However, there has been issues that put me in using the card for other reasons as well. This has made me have a high balance due (in comparison to the $500 line of credit). However, with the loan out of the question, I will be able to essentially double my minimum monthly payment to them.

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The quest of a new carrier

On Sunday 20th of March 2011 – AT&T made it public that they will be buying T-Mobile. The only thing that would stop them is if United States regulatory prevents the sale – which I do not see happening. Now, I am in need of replacing my current phone (a 528Mhz – 3 yr old model) with something that is newer. However, with a sale of T-Mobile coming in a year, and AT&T’s plans to convert T-Mobile towers to LTE concerns me on buying a $500 – $600 phone without a contract for it to be of now real good come 18 months from now. Now, I maybe overly paranoid, and AT&T is expected to offer T-Mobile customers some discounts when converting, but converting will cost more, and of course – you are forced into AT&T’s plan. So, what difference does this make? If I was on an individual plan, I will be paying $100 (including tax) for the voice, SMS, and 5GB with throttling instead of overage. I also have tethering as T-Mobile doesn’t tell you how you can use the data you pay for.

Now, I am sure that I could get a contract, and maybe get them to give me a good rate on the contract (which they offered me), however even with that in mind, I will expect to pay $250 for a new phone on a contract. Keep in mind, this new phone may not work, and at best I may get half the value (probably not) of the phone in trade in on an AT&T phone when the acquisition is completed. So I now have to decide what am I going to do. It is obvious, that I am going to be stuck with a contract unless I go with some lower grade company, but the question is who, how much, and what I will loose. Continue reading The quest of a new carrier

My Plans for an Upgrade.

I had been using a My Touch (rev 1) since November 2009, and while it has served, I feel that I should have better. And while all of the really nice phones are on Not T-Mobile, I am looking into staying with T-Mobile. Now one of the problems with the My Touch is that is too slow. So, I would definitely want something that is faster. Also, the screen is way too small. So, after some looking and researching, there will only be two devices I will be interested in. I will only choose the the My Touch 4th Generation if the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (not really LTE, nor Wimax) is not worth the price that is unknown as of writing this posting. The My Touch 4G is $450 without a contract. As for the Galaxy, it is expected to be $250 + 2 years – $50 rebate. At such price point, I will expect it to be $500 without contract. Even with this in mind, I will want to try to get the price reduced especially since I have been a loyal customer.

The Galaxy has some things I truly would consider wanting in my next phone with a couple of exceptions. It has a 1Ghz CPU which in my opinion should go without saying. It has a 4” AmoLED screen which is supposed to have better contrast for outdoor viewing. It does have Android 2.2 which is on my current phone after several months of delay. I would however expect for it to receive 2.3 soon. It has a front side camera which while I will probably not use it so often, it would make a good option for making self portraits. It also supports wifi calling, but with the crappy ISP, and reasonably good cellular – there is no real advantage to wifi calling. I would have rather black as opposed to charcoal gray, but I am sure I could get a skin that is black if need be. It claims 6.5 hours talk, but I don’t believe it, and I would be looking to getting a spare battery and charger.

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