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Small change coming

I am deciding to move the wish list which also has reviews of things I purchased moved. The goal is to try to consolidate where possible to make things easier.

I been doing a bit of consolidating. Just recently, I added a US line to my Local Phone VOIP account to replace the Call Centric account which has almost 3 times the cost on the monthly fee, and twice the forwarding if it was needed.
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Close, but no cigar (yeah, like I smoke?)

For those that maybe reading this regularly, you may know that my notebook was intolerable with a bad screen, and a bad VGA port. I am still forced to rely on it at some times, so it’s not like I am throwing it in the recycle bin just yet. As of yesterday, I had received a (wanna be) new desktop. It’s an HP d5100 which is a business class PC. For those whom might be PC geeks, and really care what’s under the hood – here goes.

  • Intel P-4 single core 2.6Ghz
  • 2 × 256MB PC 3200 400Mhz DIMM memory with 4 DIMM banks
  • 40GB SATA 5400RPM hard drive
  • 2f+6r USB 2 ports
  • 2 internal 3.5” bays
  • 2 PCI + 1 PCI-e X1 slot with a low profile slot

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Future Buyer’s Remorse

Earlier today, I purchased a used desktop. First, I am not a fan of used, especially with no like new warranty. Most from reputable locations tend to have a 30 day DOA warranty, which is better than I would screw you over warranty. Also, being a desktop, this would cause serious problems for when I would have to go back to surgery, and rely on a wheelchair with propped legs. However, I have three options:

  1. Rely on a combination of smart phone, and library
  2. Try to buy a new PC of some sort ($300 for desktop, and $500 for notebook).
  3. Buy a used one from a reputable source.

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Just when it’s acceptable only

So, here I am typing on a unbearable 14” CRT monitor, and of course my computer is a piece of junk that needs to be replaced, and it comes also that I need to replace my MP3 player. So, what am I forced to do? Well, first I have to hope that I would get my rent rebate. I am expecting to, and it has been reliable before, but there’s always that chance that it won’t come.

Even with the rent rebate, it is only $400. Needless to say, since I have to replace my PC, and a basic one is about $500 for a notebook, I would have to get a desktop. The cheapest one I seen was an eMachines at Walmart for $270. I am not a fan of eMachines, and can only hope that they have been stepping up to better quality. However, with that said, I would be looking at an AMD dual core 1.8Ghz CPU, 2GB of memory, and a 320GB hard drive. At least I would be able to move my music from an external hard drive to the internal one.

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Upgraded to Unbearable

My 17” finally became intolerable, and wasn’t able to function. It blacked out every few moments for a minute or two. There were times, it was blacked out more than it was functioning. So, I went to the back up monitor which is a really old and crappy 14” CRT, and gives about 12” visible. To top it off, the best resolution makes the text a little hard to read, but downgrading to the next lower resolution would only make everything except reading poor.

So, what must I do? I would have to buy a new monitor. A 15.6” LCD new with Walmart is $100 with taxes, and shipping to the store. I will be checking Amazon, and a pawn shop Chris recommended, but I am expecting at $100 which would only hurt my other costs. However, I am nonetheless stuck with this unbearable monitor until I can get something better.

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Moved to a New URL

This is the first post of the new URL. I have chosen to move from to for the simple reason that it would offer a means to provide a simpler URL and considering that I would have two main blog addresses, this would make sense to keep them very much similar.

I would soon be adding the entries from the old blog site if they hadn’t been uploaded yet. All in all, I hope that this would make my web sites easier to find.

Keep in mind, that if you would like to contact me, consider visiting my personal contact directory which is located at Hmm, a pattern is coming. Go figure?

New iNum Phone Number

While I do my best to make efforts to keep the same number, sometimes this is not possible, or when it is – it’s not financially practical. Earlier today, I come across the knowledge that Local Phone which provides VOIP services, and many of my DIDs now offers iNum phone numbers.

The old carrier – being Callcentric would charge 2¢ per minute while Local Phone charges .9¢ per minute. These are however, forwarding to the US phone number rates. However, while I don’t get many (any calls as of yet) calls to my iNum phone number, it would seem to make sense to keep the number charges as low as possible.

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And the Madness Pauses (for Now)

I just received a call and it would seem as if I “should” stay home as I won’t be needed to play the insane game right now. It is just now a matter of playing Cloak and Dagger. I know it would sound like I have a lack of sympathy for this situation that I won’t disclose because I respect privacy, but you are partially right. I don’t have much sympathy. First, I have given all of the help I can, and none of it ever matters. None takes my advise. When I say things that needs to be said that people would regret hearing, I don’t know what I am talking about or I am such an evil person for saying such things. And in the end, at least in action – none gives a second thought about what problems I have, and how this stupidity just exasperates it.

So, at least for now, I stay home, and get to try to deal with the intolerable state of pain I am currently in. However, one of these days I might just do something really awful like start telling people to F-Off, or worse yet – send people to voice mail. Sometimes, I wonder if people just considers me as a commodity.

After 9 years, change is coming soon

I have lived in the same place for 9+ years. And through this time, I have relied on a post office box that is a couple of blocks away from me. Now, with the fact that I regretfully have to move by the end of the year, I would have to consider a few things in regards to my current mailing address.

  1. Keep the address as it is
  2. Use the residential address
  3. Find a new mailing address after the move
  4. Find a new mailing address now.

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