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2 Down – 3 to Go

I was looking over some documents I have, and came across the receipt for my old T-Mobile 8320. Out of curiosity, I looked at the date of when I bought the phone, and it showed June 04, 2008. Hmm, 2 year contract – that would mean that this particular line expired almost a week ago. Now, while I was stupid and allowed my niece to use my Blackberry, I only did that when I got the new Android phone I currently am paying for. Therefore, the original line for the Blackberry is now my Android phone. Since I paid full price for it, I was not bound by any contract extension.

Since the line that my niece had has already been terminated, and now the original phone line’s contact expired – this means that two lines are done and out of contract. There are three to go that are still under contract. The next one due to expire is what was my brother’s and Andie’s home line which is now a Razr under my possession. The Razr is my old AT&T line and since the phone is unlocked, it works for now to make use of the line until September 3 which is when I bought the Linksys HiPort router which is the original device for the line that is now in the Razr.

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Cut It Out

On the 7th of April, I would be going back to surgery. The surgery will be on the right foot which I was hoping was over with, but it would seem as if a bone towards the sole of the foot is becoming a problem. There was two options to relieve the pain. The first was to do a major procedure to try to extend a part of my foot in the rear, or to remove a portion of the bone that is causing the pain in question.

I chosen the second option which does have some risks. The main one is the foot could cave in more, but this is unlikely since my foot for the most part is fused together making it more like only a few bones rather than many. The recovery process is to be about 3 weeks before I could go back to walking. However, this is probably shorter than the first option. During this time, and probably a little while afterwards, I would have to use my wheelchair. Continue reading Cut It Out

Still Around

I am still around, although not as active in regards to anything including the Internet. Right now, I am still trying to keep my ankle propped up, although not as easy now. When I am lying down, it is very hard to use the computer. Mostly because I would not want my notebook to rest on fabric as it can suffocate the PC.

I am currently resting my legs on a office chair I used when I wasn’t in the chair, and of course sitting in the wheelchair. My notebook is now sitting on my lap. This only helps a little bit, but there is still some swelling going on. Continue reading Still Around